Daily Prompt : Criticize

In response to daily post’s prompt : Criticize

Back when I was eleven, my Dad took us to Bangladesh for a vacation. Our school closed for summer vacation, so it was okay to leave Rawalpindi to see who our relatives are and what do they look like.

My mom was concerned about me because I was too outspoken, she warned me, ‘now Ranu you don’t have to answer if your aunts and uncles ask you something.’

‘I don’t get it mom, ‘ if I stay quiet they may think I’m stupid, and you know I’m not.’ I said.

One day my maternal uncle came to me and said, ‘I hear you go to an English school, I’ll believe it if you can read this book.

‘Whose  book is it?’    I asked.

‘Oh it belongs to a first year college student,’ he said.

It was a challenge and I was excited. I still remember  it was a hard cover book.

My uncle opened a page and asked me to read. I started reading it, I was almost at the end of the page when my uncle said, okay stop, now I believe you really are studying in an English school. My uncle could not criticize me or my school.

We had a great time in my maternal Grandpa’s house, unfortunately they weren’t alive, but mom’s relatives took good care of us.

After two months we went back  to our home and I was thrilled to go back to school to tell my classmates, how wonderful it was to meet all our relatives.

One of my classmates said, ‘looks like the weather didn’t suit you.’

My face was covered with pimples, which is the reason she made this comment. When I went in to the classroom, my teacher Mrs. Quieros, saw me sitting at the back. Actually I was trying to hide because I took an extra one month holiday.

She announced, ‘Chaman has arrived.’

It was necessary for me to explain why I was late. I told her my Dad had to do some paperwork before we could go which took a month.

Her question, ‘how many months was the summer vacation?’

I said, ‘two.’

‘I see,’ she said and sent me back to my seat.

The whole month she had a barrage of questions for me. I figured this is how she was showing her anger because I came a month later after the school reopened.

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DP Daily Prompt: Generation XYZ

I’ve chosen older. I’m not quite sure of the younger generation.

What I understood least about them was how selfless they were. I watched my Mom giving up her happiness for the sake of her siblings. I thought she did too much. I didn’t think she was appreciated. She said,”I’m not doing it for myself. Not for any kind of return. I like doing it. If it makes me happy,I’d keep on helping them until,they are self-sufficient.”  When they didn’t need her anymore, they’d stay away and would forget to keep in touch. I felt my aunts and uncles were selfish and my Mom should not help them.

My Dad’s half brother helped him when he was in school. Dad thought he should repay by helping his son,which he did.

They were honest and caring. They didn’t mind sharing with their siblings.

When I look back and think, I feel this was the most important thing I learned from them. I help my siblings when I can. I find even if they don’t need it they expect me to help. What I do not like is they never appreciate what I’ve done. They are ready to criticize when I stop helping them.

I think my parents generation were better than us,they were not selfish. They never complained about their siblings like we do.


DP Daily Prompt: Sad but True Post by Ranu

A good deed never gets rewarded,

if family is the beneficiary.

Which one will I bring to the forefront?

They are all sad but true!

My siblings,they expect,

did not learn to appreciate.

It’s their birthright they think,

Why do we have to admit.

They love to criticize,

You made Minu do maid’s work,

Starved her while she was with you.

You are a terrible person they say,

I was not given the chance

to defend myself,

It was all done behind my back.

It’s an ongoing problem,

Sadly there is nothing I can do!

DP Daily Prompt: Keep Out Posted by Ranu

English: it is all about chaman.

English: it is all about chaman. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The one person who is not reading my blog I hope is my classmate Rina. She will criticize until the ,”Cows come home”. It’s not a good thing. The world unfortunately has a mixture of the good,the bad, and the ugly.Which category does she belong,you may wonder.Let me give you some examples: She is very negative e.g when someone says,’Chaman is a nice girl’, her sister is conceited will be her reply.I know the girls were talking about me. No one knows my sister and it isn’t about her. If I say so n’ so is pretty,she’d say but she limps when she walks. These were some of the instances that bothered me. I know she will not have anything good to say about my blog. This is the way she is. Since my blog is not restricted to a few,and internet is popular all over,I won’t be surprised if she gets the opportunity to read it.

DP Daily Prompt: Criticize Post by Ranu

I accidentally came across this title this morning. I think it’s a good one to write about.

I picked this title, it seems to be something we do  automatically.  Once in college I made a comment about a student there.I said ‘Asiya is such a nice girl and she is so pretty.’ My classmate immediately gave her unwanted opinion, ‘O she walks funny’.  I was always attacked by her no matter what I said. If I said ‘ he is a good singer’, immediate response from the same person,’He is a womanizer’. It got so bad I never opened my mouth when she was around.

I sometimes wonder what kind of pleasure can a person get by undermining someone. This is the kind of criticism I can do without. Lately there are all kinds of criticism about a young man,who won the leadership of his party.He is a smart man, is the son of a very famous father who was the prime minister several times. The ruling party is already wasting no time criticizing him. He wasn’t a good teacher,the way he dresses.I’m not sure what else they’ll come up with .They are trying their best to destroy him.There is no such thing as fair in politics.This is the main reason I hate politics. The parties bring out as much dirt about the opposing party as they can. I am also doing the same thing I hate,this is because I feel ,we need smart young people to run the country.If there are so many obstacles in their path, they will not come forward.

I like the U.S. system,a president can only have two terms. In some countries they’re there for life. In my humble opinion constructive criticism is good. If it is the other way around,it hurts,the people and the country.