365 Writing Prompts: Charitable

You’ve inherited $5 million , with instructions that you must give it away_ but you can choose any organizations you like  to be the beneficiaries_ where does the money go?

If I inherit $5 million with instructions that I must give it away to any charitable organization, I would select as beneficiary, The Al Waleed Talal Foundation.

It’s a charitable and philanthropic organization founded by Al-Waleed bin Tala and princess Ameerah with a mission to help alleviate suffering and transcend international borders globally.

The foundation has established centers and programs at institutions of higher education around the world.

It has a network of partners and NGO’s  and has local, regional, and international activities to improve global cultural understanding, community development and rapid aid for natural disasters in Saudi Arabia and Lebanon.

It has established centers and programs devoted to the promotion of better mutual understanding between the Islamic World and the West.

The foundation aspires to improve global and cultural understanding through establishing and supporting academic centers. Alleviating poverty is its goal and its aim is also to aid victims of natural disasters.