Fiction: Departure

Lillie McFerrin Writes

This is my five sentence fiction the title of my story is: Exit

Barbara was walking down the long corridor looking for the sign that said: Way Out.

She knew she would be late for her appointment if she could not find the door to go out, frustrated she sat down and began to cry.

The custodian noticed her came right up to her and said: “Miss what’s wrong?”

“The door, I can’t find the ‘Way Out’ sign.”

The custodian burst out into a roaring laughter and replied: “Miss did you not see the ‘Exit’ sign, it tells you to go out!”  🙂


365 days Writing Prompt: Fictional elevator

You’re stuck in an elevator with an intriguing stranger. Write this scene.

This scenario could have happened to me in real life. I went to see my uncle, I was told his office was on the seventh floor. I pressed the elevator button to go up, when it opened I was terrified of the man inside, he was supposedly the elevator man. There was no one else there to ride the elevator,one look at him I decided it’s best for me to take the stairs.

Huffing and puffing I reached the fifth floor, hoping my uncle was on the fifth floor, the custodian told me he was on the seventh floor. He looked at me and said : “Did you take the stairs?”

I was too embarrassed to admit I took the stairs, once again he showed me the elevator, but I knew there was only two more floors to go, I’d be fine I thought.

This is my elevator story, it is not fiction,it is very real.