Daily Prompt : Opaque

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Opaque

Each morning I dread watching the opaque sky,

I wonder what’s happening up above I sigh!

Are the Angels and demons having a fight,

Will they drop their arsenals with their might?

What will become of us I’m frightened to think,

Will mankind float or they’ll just sink?

These queer thoughts keeps me awake,

I  cannot understand what more I can take!

……………………………………. 🙂

Daily Prompt : Jolt

In response to daily post’s prompt : Jolt

I remember riding many times in our popular train, ‘The Green Arrow,’ why they named it so, I have no idea. Once on my journey to Comilla, Bangladesh, from Dhaka city, the train was moving along smoothly suddenly I felt a jolt and the train came to a screeching halt.

Then as it happens  normally the passengers got out and were running helter- skelter to know why the train stopped so unexpectedly, no one was telling us anything. We only assumed there was something wrong with the train.

Hours later an announcement was made that there was an accident and the train would be delayed. In the meantime my mom and siblings heard there was an accident, but which train, they didn’t know.

My mom sent my brother to the train station if there was any news, but the station master could not provide any details.

My train was expected to arrive in Comilla at 11am. It was well over that time, my mom was scared, she expected the worst. Still she kept hoping I was safe.

It took almost twelve hours to reach Comilla, normally it took four hours.

I was completely exhausted, my brother  went every hour to find out if the accident involved our train, no one gave any positive reply, so he’d come home and would return to the station because mom sent him back. Finally when he was informed the train was about to reach Comilla within the hour, he stayed at the station.

I got out of the compartment tired and sleepy. I couldn’t wait to go home and lie down. My mom’s face told the story, she was happy to see me, the hours of waiting so many hours took a toll on her!

……………………………………… 🙂



Daily Prompt : Climbing

In response to daily post’s prompt: Climbing

The Rising Star

In sports there are many players, only a few successfully climb the ladder of success, within a few years. One such player is Roger Federer. He is a tennis star and has won many grand slam trophies in his young life.
He is a talented player who makes his game look easy by the way he plays it.

Recently he won the Australian Open Championship by beating players who were ahead of him in ranking. He was unable to play for six months in 1916 due to back trouble,  which brought his ranking down. This year 1917 he managed to go up in ranking, he played a few tournaments but already won three or four tournaments.

He is a very popular player, he has many fans who come in droves to watch him play. I hope he’ll play a few more years and entertain us by his stylish play.


Daily Prompt : Cranky

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Cranky

We have a very irritable Cranky cat

His voice is coarse and I call him a brat

When he’s cross he climbs up the shelf

And he makes himself look like an elf

We warn him to come down or else we say

He will be  sorry and remember this day

Nothing bothers this grumpy feline

I wish I could give him away so he’d pine!

……………………………… 🙂


Daily Prompt :Pleased

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Pleased

A Sweet Little Boy   🙂

My joy knew no bounds when I went for a walk,

I met a  sweet little boy who wanted to talk.

‘Can we sit here? He pointed at  the lawn,

‘Yes,’ I said, ‘my pleasure, look at the fawn!’

He looked and said, ‘I’m pleased to meet you,

And I want you to look at the cat which said mew.’

We sat for a while and looked at the gorgeous cat,

The little boy said, ‘don’t you think he’s happy and fat?’

The sun was setting it was time to go   home,

We promised  next time we’ll make up a poem!

……………………………………………. 🙂


Daily Prompt : Territory

In response to daily post’s prompt : Territory

Territory can be defined as a place or neighborhood, province, yard in my house etc.. I have an interesting story about territory. When we were very young we sat in a particular place, a particular chair in our house. Whenever we found our other sibling occupying our particular chair, we’d go berserk and yell, ‘this is my chair, you cannot sit here, go somewhere else.’

This was an ongoing argument between us, my mom would be in the kitchen and ignoring us, she had plenty to do she stayed quiet and continued cooking.

One morning Mom heard the voices getting louder, she realized instead of ‘nipping the evil in the bud,’ she let it go and now the situation was almost out of control. Mom always kept her voice low or stared at us, if you had seen her eyes, you’d be scared too. This specific day she somehow lost her calm disposition. She came out of the kitchen and asked what the problem was. I told her they were fighting because one told the other it was his chair, and the occupier should find another place to sit.  First thing mom did was give that scary look and then, the explosion, ‘How do you know it’s your chair, is your name written on it?’

The two brothers looked at each other and stopped fighting. VOW! I thought mom is brilliant, perhaps she’s wasting her talent she should get a job as a diplomat.


……………………………………………. 🙂

Daily Prompt Label

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Label

I like the food labels on the cans these days , they tell us about expiry dates, the ingredients inside the can of food. it also helps to know the calorie count which in turn is valuable for us so we can decide how many calories are good for us to consume and  how much are we allowed to eat in general, to avoid overeating and putting on unnecessary weight.

While the labels on cans have a definite purpose. It’s not so much when humans are labeled by names that are cruel and serves no purpose. The world is getting smaller because moving from one place to another is getting easier by  airplane that are faster than it used to be and  cheaper.

We are in an age where we are fortunate to see and interact with people who live far away. Distance does not stop us. We can make this world much happier if we can stop discrimination.  As we gain knowledge we ought to use it to change our attitude towards other humans, who are not exactly like us or speak the same language or eat the same food.


………………………………………….. 🙂