Alphie family’s final trip

Toronto Skyline

Toronto Skyline (Photo credit: Bobolink)


English: Nizamuddin Dargah and Jamaat Khana Ma...
English: Nizamuddin Dargah and Jamaat Khana Masjid, in Nizamuddin West, Delhi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Moinuddin Chishti Dargah in Ajmer, India

English: Moinuddin Chishti Dargah in Ajmer, India (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has been a long time since I was employed as;Alphie,Susan and Gepetto’s guide. We all had very pleasant trips.We learned a lot from this experience. Gepetto has written the names of all the places they visited.He is excited, he will be able to show all his collections. He will see his friends and he will know,who his teacher will be.

Alphie tells me he has acquired a lot of very important lessons.Something he wouldn’t have learned,if he hadn’t gone on the long trips. Visiting the mazars(holy places) was very educational.He liked visiting Nizamuddin Awliya’s mazaar.There were lots to see and a whole lot to learn. He also said,he liked his visit to Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti’s Dargah. This is the place that convinced him,  “A lie is a lie,he was thinking of the word,”Outwit.”  He felt guilty for deceiving his master.His plan to continue deceiving people was outrageous. It seemed as though he had a reawakening,he made up his mind to apologize to all those who were tricked by him.

The family’s itinerary was slightly changed.They took a flight from  Lahore to Karachi.They had few stops on the way. From Karachi they will land at Heathrow international airport. They will fly to Toronto and stay overnight. Hopefully they will reach Yellow Knife sometime this week. I spent a few very delightful weeks with the family.Susan reminded me to wish all our readers the best and to bid them goodbye and God bless on their behalf.

So, this is the temporary tour guide, Ranu ,wishing all our good friends Goodbye and God bless you!

UK - London: Heathrow Airport - Welcome to Britain

UK – London: Heathrow Airport – Welcome to Britain (Photo credit: wallyg)

Rajshahi—–The Silk City Bangladesh

Rajshahi University, Rajshahi, Bangladesh.

Rajshahi University, Rajshahi, Bangladesh. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rajshahi University, Rajshahi, Bangladesh.

Rajshahi University, Rajshahi, Bangladesh. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Padma river, Rajshahi, Bangladesh.

Padma river, Rajshahi, Bangladesh. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Varendra Research Museum, the oldest museum of...

Varendra Research Museum, the oldest museum of this region. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

River Padma

Pala Empire (Dharmapala)
Pala Empire (Dharmapala) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

District locator map in red in Bangladesh

Men marched in Rajshahi, Bangladesh in a compa...


Palas (Photo credit: Maria Luisa Pariboni)

বাংলা: This is the photo of Putia palace. It i...

বাংলা: This is the photo of Putia palace. It is located at Puthia, Rajshai, bangladesh. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rajshahi, Shaheeb Bazaar

Rajshahi, Shaheeb Bazaar (Photo credit: lepetitNicolas)

Ruins at Puthia, Rajshahi, Bangladesh.
Ruins at Puthia, Rajshahi, Bangladesh. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rajshahi (Photo credit: lepetitNicolas)

When I first made up my mind to take my friends,Alphie,Susan and Gepetto,to visit my country,I wasn’t very confident,what their impression might be.They were coming from Delhi Old and New followed by Agra and Amritsar.What could they possibly find in my neck of the woods. I got a solid push from my friends,it made me think may be it will be all right.There are a lot that I don’t know about my own country.I am learning new things every day.This in itself is an accomplishment at least for me.

So today I am taking my charge,Alphie,Susan and Gepetto to see Rajshahi,the city famous for its silk.Here folks let me give you a short history of the place you are about to see.

Rajshahi was the most glorious period of Bengal’s Pala dynasty.It was famous for pure silk,mangoes and leechies.Here the silk products are cheaper compared to the rest of the country.

You will also find a number of ancient mosques,shrines and temples in and around the city.

It is connected with the capital Dhaka by rail,river and air.

The Rajshahi district was a part of Pundra region of ancient Bengal.It was the capital of Vijay Sen.The king led military operations in Sri Lanka.In the mediieval ages it was known as “Rampur Boalia”.The administrative district was established in 1772 and the municipal corporation in 1876.During the British Raj,it was also known as “Beulah” and was the administrative headquarters of the Rajshahi district in Eastern Bengal and Assam.At first it was chosen as a commercial factory for silk trade,as it was officially encouraged by the department of Agriculture.

In the early stages of its development,it had a government college and an industrial school for seri-cul-ture( raising of silkworms).Most of the public buildings were destroyed in the aftermath of the earthquake of June 12th 1897.Rajshahi is an important tourist destination.It has beautiful river beaches of Padma river.The mango orchards are a feast for the eyes and the stomach.

The other attractions are :  Varendra Research Museum,Shrine of Hazrat Shah Makhdum Ruposh,it is located beside the river Padma in the Dargah para of the city.Dargah Para,Dargah means Shrine and refers to the Shrine of Hazrat Shah Makhdum Ruposh.

The next tourist attraction is the Jamuna Bridge.It was constructed on the river Jamuna,it connects the eastern and the north-western region of the country.The 4.8 Km bridge was constructed at a cost of U.S 950 million dollars.  About 3 km.from Dakhin bagh railway station, up a winding road,you can see the lovely waterfall of Madhab Kunda.A large number of tourists visit this place.  The Bangladesh Parijatan corporation offers facilities; such as restaurant,rest room and parking facilities.

“Alphie ,Susan and Gepetto.I hope you enjoyed what you saw.I myself learned about it,I did not have the opportunity of knowing about it before.I am glad you selected me to be your guide.This privilege provided me the chance to know about my country,Thank You.”

It is time for us to say,Adios Amigos, Good day my friends,we hope to delight you with our presence, shortly!