Discover Prompts, Day 18: New

Day 18 Prompt: New

Ramadan will begin on the twenty-fourth of this month. It means eating in the middle of night, fast all day and the next meal will be at sunset. Eating and drinking stops for the whole day. It takes a few days to get used to it. After three or four days the department of hunger takes a breather for several hours.

It’s a time for prayer, be at our best, no feud, selfishness, just try being a New person.

Can a human train him/her to be generous on the month of Ramadan? I guess we all make an effort.

Years ago when my Dad was alive, to us Ramadan meant New clothes for us.

I remember the arrival of our favourite tailor, who’d come to take our measurement. We’d wait patiently for the month to end so we could try on our clothes. After thirty days of fasting we celebrate the day which we call, ‘Eid-al fitr.’ It is also called, ‘Festival of Breaking fast.’

The name of the month in Arabic is Shawwal. This religious holiday is the first and only day in the month of Shawwal when Muslims aren’t allowed to fast.

Going back to Eid, we wear new clothes on this day, visit family and friends, give alms to the poor people.

Another thing was our Dad would go to the bank to get some change for us. We loved having them especially those shiny new coins which we cherished so much.

Those were the days we thought will never end!

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Writing 101, day 18

Writing 101, day 18, a map as your muse.

Wikipedia image of Burton’s Pond , memorial university residence for students in St. John’s Newfoundland. Newfoundland

Burton's_Pond_MUN.jpg (1600×1200)

The above is the picture of Burton’s pond, the building behind it is the residence of Memorial university students, in St. John’s , NL.

I’ve never been inside  the building but had walked around it a few times. I live very close to this place. In fact when I go for a walk to Churchill Square, I pass by this building.

I have visited the pond, it’s a small one where you can see ducks wading and having a good time, or so it seems. No one is allowed to feed them. But some do to see the reaction of the wading ducks, of course they come in groups to get the food. Who wouldn’t?

If you are a living human, animal, insect, vegetation, food is the most important thing.

Times have changed, there are a lot more cars belonging to the students parked there. One time there were only a few.

Right now there are a lot more parking lots  constructed for the students and faculty.

Some students rent places close to the university, it is convenient during winter when driving can cause a lot of headache, because of snow and  freezing rain.

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