#Everyday Inspiration,Day Eight : Reinvent the Letter Format

— Henry David Thoreau

Day Eight: Reinvent the Letter Format

Dear Mr. Thoreau,

I picked your quote, “Pursue some path, however narrow and crooked, in which you can walk with love and reverence.”

I write this letter to thank you for your words of wisdom. It matches with my feeling.

After completing my education, I made up my mind to teach children from five to nine year old. My first job was to get some experience teaching young children. I realized I made the right decision.

I moved on to have further experience in teaching in a boarding school. The experience was helpful, however I wasn’t happy with the administrator whose way of treating teachers was way out of line. I knew then, I could not continue in an atmosphere where the word respect had no value.

However I enjoyed teaching in North America. The children were respectful, I loved them all, except there were some who had no regard for anyone, teachers or their fellow pupils.

I loved teaching my little pupils. They were thrilled to have a teacher who came from a different part of the world.

They were generous with their gifts in all the holidays.

Among all your quotes, the one I chose seemed to tell me, ‘pick me I’m the most suitable for you.”

Before I end this letter. I must admit I love your poetry too.

Thank you,



Writing: Intro to Poetry, Day Eight: Pleasure

Poetry, Day Eight : Pleasure

Poetic tool: Anaphora and Epistrophe

Llanberis is a village, I wish, I can,go back there again.

Llanberis reminds me how much I want to,go back there again.

People of Llanberis are friendly, I want to, go back there again.

Threatening someone is wrong, let’s unite and stop it.

……………………………….. 🙂 





















Everyday Inspiration, Day Eight: Reinvent the Letter Format

Day Eight : Reinvent the Letter Format

Dear Aunt Bela,

It was a long time ago we the siblings came for a visit to  our grandparent’s house in Cheora. Though our grandparents passed away, we found you in the house. 

I asked you, Bela Auntie, how many children do you have?

You replied: I have two a boy and a girl. The girl is only a few months old.

I said: Auntie can I see the baby?

You told me I can she is in the bedroom.

I ran to see her, she was lifting one leg and then the other, she did not know who I was, but quietly played in her cradle. I thought she was so quiet, did not cry at all, even though I was a  complete stranger.

Everyday I went to the kitchen to watch you cooking, suddenly you said: Ranu it’d be so nice if someone invented a pill we could swallow instead of eating plate full of food which took so much time to cook and we ate it so quickly. Then had to wash the dishes. 

I laughed and told you, yes it’s simple, but we are humans we want to get the aroma of  food and chew and swallow it to get the taste. No auntie I don’t think your wish can be fulfilled.

We left after two months, I loved seeing you and your little girl and told my friends about our vacation.

I wanted to see you again, but couldn’t I was teaching in a school, you came to our house in Comilla, you told my mom you will visit again to see me.

Unfortunately it never happened, you suddenly passed away. 

I hope you are in heaven and do not have to cook anymore.

I love you Auntie Bela, may you rest in peace!

Your niece Ranu

…….……………………………….. 🙂



Writing: Intro to Poetry, Day Eight: Pleasure

Poetry, Day Eight : Pleasure

Poetic Device: Anaphora

Barbecued_meats.jpg (4288×2848)

Summer is here, let us have a feast,

Summer is here, it’s time to barbecue,

Summer is here, fresh meat, and fish, and veggies too.

Summer is here, it’s time to enjoy  long days,

Summer is here, let us go  and watch the outdoor plays.

Summer is here, do not waste your time,

Summer is here, breathe all the fresh air it doesn’t cost a dime!



………………………………….. 🙂


#Everyday Inspiration, Day Eight : Reinvent the letter format

Day Eight: Reinvent the Letter Format

Today I will write a note to myself, it’s a long time coming, here it goes:

Dear Me,

I think the time has come to set things straight about yourself. You have a habit of giving up on things, whether they are people or just pure worldly things. You have a lot of grievance how things are not the way you want to be. Who hasn’t everyone does, so start with a clean slate. Get into the habit of visiting other blogs, leave your comment, if you don’t hear from them, don’t worry. There will be some who either do not have the time or just plain overwhelmed with the load of work, give them a break. Move on do the same with other bloggers, there are some nice ones out there waiting to know you. Take the opportunity read their post, leave an encouraging comment get the ball rolling pretty soon there will be a lot of bloggers who’d love to interact with you.

Take the advice of Leslie, Marianne and others, who are trying to tell you to come out of your shell, introduce yourself to other bloggers, write some encouraging comments on their blog.

You are doing some amazing things like taking part in the Limerick Challenge, it makes you think, and the time you spend doing it is well spent. I’m sure Rashmi loves reading your limericks, you should read all the limericks of the participants, believe me there is a lot to learn from them. Be active make yourself visible, soon you will have plenty of followers.

What happened to the,”Bloggers World?”. I thought you joined it, but there is nothing from you on that site lately. Yes you recommended some books, then again you should have found out where to post it, you didn’t, therefore you got no feedback, oh you did get one.

I think this would help change your attitude.

Best wishes to you.

It’s me writing to myself 🙂

………………………………………. 🙂


Writing 101, Day 8:Graffiti

Assignment : For today’s poem reflect what Graffiti means to you. Quote a powerful example of graffiti you’d seen(and feel free to share an image you’d like)

Thank you for this very interesting prompt: GRAFFITI, Andy Townend.

Wall_paint,_Dhaka,_Bangladesh.jpg (1800×1200)

Wikipedia image of Graffiti

The words are written in Bengali.


Freedom or Death says the writing on the wall

For to live without freedom is a curse for mankind

God created His humans to rise and not to fall

This is what History tells us we need not be blind!


We were  united together to have freedom of speech

Slowly we realized it was out of our reach

We’ve been taught we should fight for our right

It seemed impossible and out of our sight!


Who will take stock of the lives we lost

How long will this last and at what cost

It was impossible to calculate the numbers

No one could do it because of the unaccountable murders!


Will humanity still say we did it all wrong

Pray, guide us and tell us what would you do

If your people were told they did not belong

Would you sit back and let them harm you!


Countless people perished in this war

Who gained by this awful situation

My mind asks this question

There is no one around who knows the answer!


The silent wall portrays to all who standby

Freedom is necessary to survive,

Without it we may as well die!

……………………………………….. 😦




Writing 101, Day Eight: Reinvent the letter format

Today’s assignment: Write your post in the form of a letter. Approach it in any way you’d like.

This is a letter to my feline Raphael:

Dear Raphael,

We took you away from your parents,because your brother Gabriel was lonely. We knew your brother would be very happy to see you.

The day we were putting you in the kennel, you started crying, you knew you were leaving your parents home, perhaps you felt you’d never see them again it  saddened your little heart, waiting in the house was your brother whose joy knew no bounds when he saw you.

The first evening you hid under the recliner, your brother tried to bring you out, but you were stubborn and refused to come out.Little by little you were getting used to your surrounding.

One day your brother went up the stairs,he left you looking up.You were scared to follow him,you were not sure how to go up the stairs.

I watched you and your brother, hoping you’d follow him but you stayed down. Your brother came down and went one stair at a time to show you how you could climb the stairs as well,slowly you got the courage to climb the first stair, within a few minutes you were able to climb all the stairs.

Your previous owner called you a grasshopper, you could go up anywhere without any problem. May be in the new house you were scared by everything you saw,new place, new people, the only thing you recognized was your brother.

Today you have learned many things on your own, a few days ago you tried and opened my door, now this is one thing keeping you from coming into my room, now that you have managed to conquer this, I wonder what’s your next move.

I always encourage you to eat your own food, what amazes me you take a bite of your food and hurriedly climb up  my cupboard to eat the box on top. So far you have gnawed a hole on it, it makes me upset, but you don’t care. The only thing that stops you from eating the cardboard is when I take the spray bottle and spray you without stopping. You do not like water you come down for a second and go right up and continue with your chewing.

When I fail to stop you, I pick you up and put you out in the dining room, I come back to my room and lock the door. I know it’s mean, you do not understand my language, I don’t understand yours.

I want to let you know I love you very much, I wish you’d stop eating cardboard, if you do, I won’t have to quarrel with you anymore.

You have the qualities of a fine and affectionate animal, if only you could stop destroying my books and papers, I won’t have to complain about you any more!

Love always, dear Raphael,

Your friend,