Writing: Intro toPoetry,Day Seven: Flavor

Poetry, Day Seven: Flavor

Poetic Toolkit : Found Poetry

Found words from Allama Iqbal’s book of poems

the words are: you, has, sun, voice, his, creature, native,  moon, Brahmin, evening’s

A man pressed our doorbell one stormy day,

I asked him Sir, ‘What brings You here this way?’

His Voice was  sweet, but his face firm,

 Said, ‘I’m a Brahmin  need not be alarmed.

Native I am from your old country,

Has it occurred to you outside is stormy?

The sky is dark the moon isn’t visible,

On a day like this must you be cruel!’

His words embarrassed me so much,

I let him in then noticed him holding a crutch.

Next morning the Sun was shining at its best,

Our guest thanked us for Evening’s rest.

I thought of the words I borrowed from Iqbal,

He loved God’s Creature, one and all!

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French macarons

Everyday Inspiration,Day Seven: Let Social Media Inspire You

Day Seven: Let Social Media Inspire You

Tweet __ two

Blue Marten


In our universe a star explodes and dies every single second and there’s you, worrying about work tomorrow.

I think a star explodes and dies every single second is, Natures way of controlling over-population.

I have to worry and work diligently, so my place will not go to someone else.

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Writing: Intro to Poetry, Day Seven: Flavor

Poetry, Day Seven: Flavor

Device : Found Poetry

Wimbledon Tennis June 2016- July 2016

Image from wikipedia

Wimbledon_trophies.jpg (1706×2560)

He has won three other grand slams,

need I say more?

This year’s championship is in his pocket,

He didn’t even score.

Why are the pundits so   sure ,

Because he won two in a row?


Let us talk about the others,

Who think they can win,

Like Andy, Stan, and Alexander,

Or did you discard Federer,

The grass court king?



Watch the male players in white

Who have come to fight.

To watch the  grand  trophy

You must wait young Sophie.


Let’s not give it away before it’s time,

We have to wait for the bells to chime.

Let’s wait and watch each day,

Who is determined to stay.

To run away with the trophy this onetime!



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Intro to Poetry, Day Seven: Flavor

Intro to Poetry, Day Seven: Flavor

I remember reading the quote

“Sharing food with another human being

is an intimate act  that should not be

indulged in lightly.___ M.F.K Fisher

Here is my dinner party fiasco, it happened two weeks ago.

The first thing went wrong was,

I couldn’t find the

cut of beef I wanted.

The butcher announced

there was a shortage,

how can it be it’s always

available? I said.

I decided to cook


it’s okay I told my daughter,

she insisted I make it spicier.

Not just the beef

but the chicken too,

don’t be afraid to add

a lot of, cayenne.

“Too much cayenne,

will make it too hot,”

I declared.

“Don’t worry Mom

they can handle it,”

She said.

I began my cooking

generously adding,

the red powder,

the vegetables met

the same fate.

I kid you not I poured

on, the cayenne, never did

I, think of the consequences.

The food was ready,

we waited

for,the guests, who came

smiling , with boxes of chocolates,

for us.

The table was set,

The food arranged,

it looked presentable

but  was it, eatable is a question,

I did not ask myself?

Soon it became clear

something, was wrong

instead of eating

they were,

drinking water.

I knew then my,

cooking failed.

The guests went


They smiled as they

were leaving

announced, the food was


they were too full and

couldn’t, eat any more!

…………………………………….. 🙂

# Everyday Inspiration, Day Seven: Let Social Media inspire you

Instead of the tweets I’ve selected ,”Good Reads Popular Quote.”

Here Is the one I always liked.

” If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.”__ Mark Twain

I believe in this quote, many a time I’ve had the occasion to catch the person who is lying. This happened more than I care to count.

My Mom once asked me how do you know this person lied to you. My answer was, “her story changes every time she talks.”

A liar can never remember what he/she said the first time.

………………………………………….. 🙂

Writing 101,Day Seven: Let Social media inspire you

Assignment: Today write a response to the following tweet.

You study, study, study, and at the end, you are lucky enough to discover the greatest gift of education: that you know nothing at all.

I felt the same when I completed my education degree, I got the job because of the document which said I successfully completed the course.

While teaching in the classroom I felt I knew nothing, all the courses I took were not helping me in the classroom.

I actually started  learning when I was in the classroom with the kids.

When I thought through it dawned on me, I had to study because by doing so, I was gaining experience in handling situations, ones I never faced before.

In my second year of teaching, I was in charge of teaching forty-two kids in the second grade. I was told by one of the kids I was their sixth teacher in six months.

It should have frightened me, like Julie Andrews, who said: what’s wrong with the children?

I stood in front of those little tikes unmoved by this announcement. The word cheeky came to mind, but since it was my first day; I let it go to see who comes up a winner in this competition , me or the forty-two sharp-minded kids?

I did not have to wait too long, next day as soon as the recess bell rung, it didn’t even take forty-two seconds for them to disappear from the classroom.

This experience did not scare me, it certainly made me think. I walked out of the classroom, went to the verandah to see where these hooligans were hanging out.

My thoughts were interrupted by the gym teacher, a fine and knowledgeable man who warned me these are the worst children in the whole school. I took all this information  and waited for the following day.

The day had come for me to take some action, the kids were working on the task I gave them while I looked at my watch to see the time, it was 10.10 AM, the bell for recess would ring after five minutes . I promptly went to the door and locked it.

I turned around and saw the kids looking at me, I told them: if anyone stands up before I tell them to, there will be no recess for you.

There was pin-drop silence, I further announced they will have to stand in a line and wait for me to tell them to walk out of the classroom.

They did as I told them, after this incidence I never had any problems with them. When they were asked what kind of a teacher I was, “she’s the best teacher we ever had.” they said.

In my courses I didn’t learn anything about discipline. In real life I did. My mom had twelve of us, and out of them eight were boys, my mom was strict and my brothers were afraid to disobey her. I learned early on from my mother how to discipline children.

I put this knowledge into practice when my turn came and never had problems teaching kids. Kids are the sweetest human beings on this earth, they understand a lot.

All those hours, days,months and years of learning, provided me with the experience I gathered to use my education wisely.