#Everyday Inspiration, Day Thirteen: Play With Word Count

Day Thirteen: Play With Word Count

The story of a garbage cart

Today I will write about a unique experience I had with a Garbage Cart. For almost a year I noticed everyone on my street had one, which was provided by our city.

Why didn’t I get one I wondered. I called the city phone number. A woman picked up, I asked her why I did not get a garbage cart. Everyone on my street has one, why am I left out?

She connected me to the person, who apparently looks after this problem. I spoke to him. He told me, ‘Perhaps it was delivered in the wrong house. Ask your neighbour if they mistakenly delivered in his house.’

I was given a number of the cart. I went to my neighbour’s house to inquire about the mysterious cart, that may have landed on his drive way.

My neighbour welcomed me, I told him what the manager of the city told me. He went down to his basement to check the second cart he was given, checked the numbers. But the numbers I gave him did not match with the one he had. He is a gentleman, he offered to give it to me. anyway. I declined.

I came back to my house, called the manager. He was nice to talk to, but did not to agree to give me a cart. Somehow it was my fault that I didn’t get it. That to give me a second one; I must pay for it.

My argument, it was the city’s fault, and I will not pay for it. I told him, ‘even if it is not that expensive, I refuse to pay for it.’

Having no excuse, he connected me to another colleague of his. It was a woman. She, like the other guy tried to tell me, that their workers had delivered one for each house. It’s too bad, mine landed somewhere else. I did not give up, then she connected me to another guy.

He repeated the same reason why I have to pay. I was adamant, I will not budge.

All three realized after their stupid reason, they cannot convince me. The first guy called and told me. They’ve found the cart, it magically appeared in another house.

When he went to retrieve it, he found the cover was missing and there was raw garbage in the said cart. He realized he couldn’t give me this dirty cart. He finally provided me with a new one.

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Everyday Inspiration, Day Thirteen: Play With Word Count

Day Thirteen : Play With Word Count

100-Word True Story

It was a Friday afternoon, my little student said, ‘Look Miss What I got from the library.’

I saw two cook books, I replied: ‘Can you cook, you’re nine years old?’

‘Yes Miss,’ she said.

Monday morning I was in my class waiting for the kids, suddenly I heard, ‘Teacher, Lucy is dead.’

‘No,’ I said.

Both boys spoke in unison, ‘her next door neighbour, killed her for the paper money she collected for her brother.’

I sat in my chair, thinking how proud she felt she’d cook for her family!

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Writing 101, Day thirteen: Play with word count

Assignment: Pay attention to the total length of your post.

This is my 100-word true story.

My younger siblings and I were playing outside the house on a  Wednesday morning. My mom’s  scream got our attention, we hurried into  our Dad’s bedroom.

What I saw that day is lodged in my memory, I can still visualize everything very clearly. My dad was lying on the bed,my Mom was crying and reading the ,’Holy Quran’  my brother was holding my dad’s arm and saying: Abba(Dad) please don’t go! Dad looked ; tried to say something, couldn’t, within minutes it was all over!

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Writing 101, Day thirteen

Compose a series of vignettes.

Today tell a story through a series of vignettes( short,episodic scenes or anecdotes)that together read together as variations on the same theme.They can each be as short or long as you see fit–they don’t have to be the same length- but they need a common feature to tie them together, whether it’s a repeated phrase, a similar setting, or the appearance of the same person.

These are some of the things we were supposed to do, when we went for pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia.

  1. We walked around the Ka’ba seven times, there were stops where we said a little prayer and moved on. It was sunny and warm, we walked bare feet, amazingly enough the ground was not hot, but very comfortable. I was told because it’s covered with marble, it remains cool.Mosquée_Masjid_el_Haram_à_la_Mecque.jpg (4000×3000)
  2. Next we went to Al- Safa and Al- Marwah : In Islamic tradition(Ibrahim) was commanded by God to leave his wife Hajar(Hagar) and their infant son alone in the desert between Al Safa and Al-Marwah , the two hills.They were left with basic provisions to test their faith.
  3. Hagar climbed the nearest hill, Al-Safa in search of water.When she didn’t find it , she went to the other hill Al-Marwah, she was relieved she could see her son, whom she left alone. When she went to the valley she was unable to see her son, she would run in the valley and walk at a normal pace when she was on the hillsides.She walked back and forth seven times between the hills in the extreme heat searching for water, before returning to her son.When she arrived, she found that a spring had broken forth when Angel Jibreel hit the ground with his wing.
  4. In Al Safa and Al-Marwah we walked and ran like Hagar. Sa'yee_To_Go.jpg (2592×1944)
  5. Then we went to Muzdalifah, spent the night there and also collected pebbles to stone the Devil.Muzdalifa.JPG (3840×2880)Muzdalifah. (All the images are supplied by Wikipedia.)
  6. These were some of the rites we performed when we went for pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia.
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