Every Day Inspiration, Day Twenty: Wrap it UP

Day Twenty : Wrap it Up

I enjoyed writing all the assignments. I learned a lot. I found Day Eighteen Challenging, I selected, “Twelve Ways of looking at water.”

I was able to write twelve different anecdotes, whether I did it the right way, I have no idea.

I skipped day nineteen, I could not think whom I can get to interview. Some of my followers only click the like button, this does not give me any idea, whether I can approach them for an interview.

I enjoyed writing the assignments, it made me think seriously what to write. This is a major improvement for me.

Thank you WordPress for this course.

………………………………………. 🙂

#Everyday Inspiration, Day Twenty: Course Wrap it Up

Day Twenty: Wrap it Up

There was one assignment I enjoyed writing, in which I did experience an ‘Aha!’ moment.

It was Day eighteen where I wrote a series of anecdotes. It gave me great pleasure to relive that summer holiday. As I was thinking I didn’t know if I’d be able to reproduce my experience in words. When I started writing it seemed like watching a movie, changing scenes where different things were  happening one after the other and I was the one watching this three-week movie. There were sad and happy news. It was sad my husband’s boss passed away, he was such a jovial personality. He loved teasing me by saying,”so you are learning to drive, do not drive on my street, I don’t want to see an accident.”

It’s so sad to know he died in an accident while driving his car, it wasn’t his fault, did destiny make him say those words, which happened to him a year later, I wonder!

When I think of our lives we take the good with the bad and eventually block off the bad and relive the good.

Writing 101,Day 20: Wrap it Up

Today’s assignment is “Wrap it Up”

Publish a course wrap up:what did you enjoy or dislike?

Describe a day,assignment , or a Commons exchange in which you experienced an “Aha!”  moment.

In December, I plan to …

5,10 ,20 years from now….

This was my second time doing this course, I feel sad to see it’s ending today. I knew no one in the course but always felt if I have any problem someone will come to my rescue.

On Day 9 when we were told to prepare to collaborate with a blogger, suddenly I was concerned, I did not know if I could reach out to anyone, to do this assignment. I waited a few days and wrote on the Commons to @Cheri, I did not know anyone well enough to do this  assignment, if I could do an alternate assignment. Her reply was I’m welcome to do it, but one of the bloggers whom I didn’t know came forward and volunteered to interview me.

I hadn’t read it, at first but one of the bloggers said,”Ranu grab it!”

I did not understand what I should grab. I went back to the comments section, waiting for me was ,@Cheri’s and Philippa’s comment. I was pleased I would be able to collaborate with Philippa.

I sent her an email in which I told her I’d be very glad to work with her.

She wanted me to be the interviewee, which I gladly accepted. She then sent me an email with questions to answer. I answered her questions and sent it back.

When I did not hear from her I thought she didn’t get my email. I asked her and found out she had problems with her computers. All this was fixed soon.

Her final email was to see if the answers were all right, there were a few I fixed.

Everything went smoothly and I felt relieved I did not have to cop out of this assignment the second time. Philippa is a great blogger I was extremely pleased to meet her, she helped me out of my misery by collaborating with me. She did most of the work. I’m very grateful to her, it was a huge help to me.

Our blogging community and the WordPress team needs to be congratulated for making us aware that we are a family. We will always be there for each other!

………………………. 🙂