Commenting basics, day Five: Commenting on Comments

Day Five: commenting on comments

A conversation between me and Indira.

This was my comment on Indira’s blog, after I read her story about the dog and the squirrel.

Ranu’s Comment to Indira: Your story about the dog and the squirrel is awesome. The dog I feel came back twice, first to make sure he was safe, so he sniffed your feet and ran away. When you didn’t chase him, he thought it was safe to play with you, which is why he wagged his tail and licked your feet.

The squirrel wasn’t sure how to take you, it didn’t feel safe to hangout, so it ran away.

Would you say my observation is correct?

Indira: Your observation is perfect dear.Love and hugs.

Ranu: Love and hugs to you too, it’s long time no see. ¬†ūüôā

……………………………….. ūüôā


Writing 101, Day, Five: Freedom

“Uncensored writing coming from the heart often produces the most amazing read.”__ Bebong

“Man was born free, and he is everywhere in chains.”__Jean Jacques Rousseau

“Free people remember this maxim: We may require liberty, but it is never recovered if it is once lost.”___ Jean Jacques Rousseau

” You forget that the fruits belong to all and the land belongs to none.” ___ ¬† ¬†Jean Jacques Rousseau

The above three quotes has a definite purpose in my mind.


What Freedom Means To Me:

I’m assured, “uncensored writing,

Often produces amazing reading.”

Does it mean I have Freedom to speak my mind ?


Do only the wealthy ,

Have freedom to look down upon,

The poor and unfortunate people?


Is the color or gender of a human,

The decision making tool for success and,



Will a human be discriminated,

Because he speaks a different language,

And belongs to a developing country?


Most humans believe in the

Creator of the Universe,

Whether he calls Him Allah or God or

Bhagwaan,will it matter?



The French Philosopher said,

“Man is born free ,

and he is in chains everywhere.”


These  words, does not mean freedom?

Jean- Jacques says, fruits belong to all,

But the land belongs to none,

Yet battles are fought to possess land.


If we thought for a moment what

The above quotes  mean,

We will no longer feel we own anything.

Will we  still  fight wars and kill people?


Education is not the privilege of a few,

All of humanity deserves to be educated.

To gain the most basic knowledge,

Why some of us are white and most are not.


It gives  us the most essential wisdom,

Why are we different,

Who is the culprit?


It’s the ‘Climate’,

Can we ¬†wage a war against ‘Nature?’

No we cannot, because nature protects us.


To be able to survive ,

Humans must believe in Liberty ,

Equality and Freedom.


Liberty is, ‘Free will,’

Equality is,’Equal, rights and opportunities,’

Freedom means, ‘Personal or civic liberty.’


The most important is my conclusion:

God announced to the Angels,

“I am going to have a ‘Vicegerent,’

On Earth , Adam is his name,’

The Angels protested,

God said, “You do not ¬†know, what I know!”

God served His purpose by creating us.

He has faith in us, which is why He,

Paid no heed what the angels had to say.

Can we not join together,

And let the Angels Pray?





Writing 101,day fourteen: Recreate a single day

Assignment: Recreate a single day

You can tackle this assignment in a number of ways:

Start in the middle of the action and zig  zag through time from the moment you woke up to the last thing that happened before you retired for the night.

I heard something as if in my sleep, noticed the sound was persistent,I opened my eyes to check what it was so harsh in sound with no sweetness in it. I looked at the clock, it was 5 AM, I realized I set the alarm to wake up for morning prayer.

I woke up washed and got ready for my usual activity of the day i.e. prayer. I was thankful someone invented the clock to wake up lazy people like me.

Twenty five minutes later my first activity of the day was done. I had breakfast, which is nothing special, two crackers,lathered by peanut butter and a cup of tea.

I turned on the computer to remind myself of day thirteen writing assignment, compose a series of vignettes, this wasn’t something I was familiar with.What kind of anecdote will I write, then it seemed my inner voice whispered, “Why don’t you write about your pilgrimage to Mecca(Makkah)?”

I was thrilled to have a lasting companion who talks to me when I need help. I gathered all the information in my mind, I had no photographs to show the places, we are not allowed to use cameras. But I assumed ‘Wikipedia’ could be helpful. And it was, I got the pictures I needed.

After putting together all the information, I was ready to hit the publish button and link my post to the commons.

I was relieved I had my assignment done. what was I going to do next was troubling me. “Go for a walk was the instruction.”

I got ready and stepped out the back door, on my way out I checked the mailbox, there it was the visa bill, since I was out , I changed my plan of going for a walk to take a bus ride to the bank. There weren’t that many people in there, I was served almost immediately.

It was a sunny bright day, I walked ¬†to the ‘Supermarket’ to buy a few things for supper.It didn’t take me long, I had a lot of time left, I walked over to the bus stop to go to the mall. I waited fifteen minutes, there were wasps flying all over and I was not happy to see them. In came a young woman with three bags of groceries,the scent of her food items attracted the attention of one measly wasp, it came right in the covered bus stop and buzzed around her.Before this incidence I wasn’t aware the wasps like our kind of food. Maybe there were not enough flowers for them.

Somehow the young woman got rid of the lonely wasp and everything was fine.

In the mean time the bus showed up, I was on board in search of a tape recorder in a store in the mall. They do not carry them was the verdict. I came home.

I fed the felines, then had lunch and started cooking cauliflower and then chicken. With the cooking done I took a shower and waited for my daughter to arrive. She came at 5 PM, supper was ready. She was happy she didn’t have to wait for it.

In the evening I wanted to relax and have some entertainment. I turned on the TV watched ‘wheel of fortune’ followed by ‘jeopardy’ I was tired enough , ¬†I went ¬†straight to bed!

……………………………. ūüôā

365 Writing Prompts: Freaky Friday

If you could be someone else for a day,who would you be,and why? If that seems too easy try this one: Who would you like to have spend a day as you and what do you hope they’d learn from the experience?

The second one to me has a lot of possibilities. I would therefore like to choose the second one.

Who would I like to spend a day ¬†as me? It would be ¬†with the ¬†little boy I met at the mall,and what I hope he’d learn from the experience? How to grow up as a happy person.

Yesterday I was sitting on a bench. I was waiting for my daughter to get her shopping done, so we could head home.

Without warning a little boy, came and sat next to me. He could be three, four or five, it’s not easy to decipher their age when they are that little. However I looked at him and wondered what made him sit so comfortably beside me, given the fact children are always cautioned by parents not to talk to strangers.

I was a total stranger to the little tyke, he looked at me and swayed his legs to and fro feeling completely at ease. Mom said something which I thought was scurry on or I will leave you behind. He got up extended his tiny hand to shake mine. I was overjoyed and was only too glad to oblige. He left making me realize I still am able to attract little ones as I did when I was a teacher.

If it is at all possible ‘d like to spend my day with this sweet kid. At first I’d tell him how happy I was to meet him. I’d ask his name, where he lives,after the introduction, I’d invite him and his parents to my house, will serve some beverage and food to get better acquainted .

My main interest would be to tell the kid some interesting children’s stories, after this ¬†depending on the response I may spend some time doing a bit of Art. I know kids are naturally interested in drawing when enough time is spent in this activity , we ¬†will use ¬†some ¬†time watching cartoons on TV.

I’d ¬†see how much interest he has left. If he tells me he’d like to write some letters of the English alphabet I’d get paper and pencil, after writing his letters when it shows he wants to do something else. I’d see if he can write his name using some of those letters, if he succeeds,I’d give him some treats and ask him what else he’d like to do.

If he is unable to tell me and it seems¬†his interest is waning, we’d call it a day promising to do the same at a later date!


DP Daily Prompt:

pad2015-s1.png (308√ó60)

Switching my blog with someone ¬†else for a week seems like an interesting idea. I am really not sure who I can switch with , the ones I am thinking about may not like to do it, some write mostly poetry, others have their own style of writing,the subjects they are interested in may not be what I’d like to do.

A week is too long, I’d prefer to be able to switch for a day, see if we like the idea, if not we can easily go back to writing on our own ¬†blog, this way ¬†the interruption is only for a day.




Writing Prompt: Earworm

What song is stuck in your head(or on permanent rotation in your CD or MP3) Why does it speak to you?

The following song by Celine Dion is stuck in my head.


The song reminds me of the sinking of the ,”Titanic’. I can visualize how traumatic it was for all those people who thought they were safe and suddenly the claim it was unsinkable was only a claim.

They were caught by surprise and were I think desperately looking for something to hold onto to live. This type of catastrophe makes us realize how fragile life is and we should enjoy life every moment we’re alive the best way we can because tomorrow we may not see the light of day.



DP Daily Prompt: Dust In The Wind

pad2014-s.png (308√ó60)

Have you made a bucket list?Now’s the time—Write about the things you want to do and see before you become dust in the wind.

Bucket list I’ve never made any

But if you want

I can make it quite zany!


I’d like to go to Timbucto¬†

Be back from there

In a day or two!


On my bucket list 

I won’t ¬†forget to write

All the friends I’d invite!


My thoughts and actions 

Are not the same

To tame a tiger is my aim!


If my list befuddles you 

It does me too 

There is very little I can do!


I can do much better

You may think

Honestly I ran out of ink!


I had to hurry

And to scurry

Before I became 

A mere dust in the wind!…st-in-the-wind/







DP Daily Prompt: Wasted days and wasted nights

pad2014-s.png (308√ó60)

Tell us your tried and true techniques for focusing when that deadline looms and you need to get work done, how do you avoid wasted days and wasted nights?

Actually I tend to leave things ¬†to be done a few days before the deadline. It’s a very stressful time for me. I am not a night person, so I depend on the daytime. I get up early and start doing the work I neglected to do all week. This means I don’t cook,don’t clean up, as far as food goes I always have leftovers and I don’t mind eating them to save time, thank God someone invented the micro wave oven,things get heated in a jiffy.

As far as cleaning goes I conveniently leave it until I complete the work to meet the deadline. I tell myself I hope no one visits me these few days, because I don’t like the label,”She is a messy housewife”.

This is how I take care of the deadline,not a great thing to do I guess, as long as the work is done and I have successfully completed it, ‘I’m as happy as a lark.”



Day after day I sit and wait

Does she realize she is late

Dark clouds look scary  in the sky

Do I call her or do I sigh!


Day after day I sit and wait

Dare I call her or watch the gate

Deathly silence is making me weary

Disregard me I cannot be cheery


Day after day I sit and wait

Deserves she anything but hate

Divine help I need to find her

Doggone I have to find her!

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