Tagore song; ke jabi tora pare ogo ke posted and translated by Ranu

Who will go to the other side of the river,

I am waiting on the shore with my boat.

On the other side there is a garden,

They play all kinds of games.

On this side there is an endless

stretch of desert.

Who will go to the other side,

I am waiting on the shore with my boat.

It is daytime now, come who wants to go,

Why are you wasting time thinking?

The sun will set, the tail wind will stop blowing,

The boatman will anchor his boat,

In the evening.

Who will go to the other side of the river?




Will Power by Tagore translated by Ranu

Will Power By Rabindranath Tagore

If I could be anything,that I want to be,

I would want to be a wish river.

I will make the sun rise from the south,

darkness in the evening will come from my left,

I will tell my thoughts to both sides__

some I will tell in the day,some at night.

When I roam around in my village wharf

I will also sing in the fields far off

I know the villagers __ who come for a bath,.

they swim with their cattle to the other path.

The people from afar, have a different look__

I know not their name, they have that weird look.

The shiny water with small fragments of light___

the striking waves dancing like fairies clapping and laughing with delight.

At the bottom step of the wharf

there is a different scenery,

strangers are sitting looking quite scary,

what they are doing I cannot worry,

their movement makes me cringe with fright.

The villagers know only little of me,

the rest is lost,even I don’t know me.

There are green fields on one side,

the other side is sandy and sunny,I don’t see how I can go for a ride.

Daytime will be noisy and full of life,the night will be quiet and scary__

If I look at the riverbank,it will make me tremble and weary.