Daily Prompt: Decisions,Decisions

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How are you more likely to make an important decision- by reasoning through it, or by going with your gut?

Actually I don’t make decisions important or not by reasoning,neither do I go with my gut. I think for a few minutes and take action.This has been the case with me all my life.

I never think about my ability I go ahead and apply for any course I study,although, I make sure I have the requisite qualification.

There is one thing I do where I apply some reasoning,when I’m traveling by bus this one is whether I should get off at my stop ,near my home or go on to the mall. This is how I do it, what will I accomplish by going to the mall, when I think of it, I’ll go there and enter through one door and come out the other I changed my decision.

Today was the day I went out, my return by bus gave me two options, go straight to the mall, walk around to get my required steps,I’m wearing the Garmin which records the number of steps I take from early morning till bedtime. The reasoning was not convincing enough, I decided I’d go home instead which is what I did.

As it happens I was fortunate, I succeeded in reaching my goal by 5PM. What did I do I worked in the kitchen, I had plenty of occasion to walk in my kitchen.

My decision to avoid the mall worked. I know it’s not worth mentioning, but I did make the right decision by my reasoning.

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365 Writing Prompts: Decisions, decisions

How are you likely to to make an important decision— by reasoning through it, or going with your gut?

Some make decisions by reasoning through it, some go with their gut. I follow neither, which sounds strange, this is the way I am.

My husband however believed in reasoning. He had made up his mind to buy a car, he didn’t like the idea of going to a dealership and drive home in the car.

The first thing he did he bought ‘The consumer reports’, a magazine which helps buyers to select the right car. He read the magazine from cover to cover making sure not to make the wrong decision, even it had to be a certain color to be visible in foggy Newfoundland.

The selection was complete he selected a Ford Model, this one had the highest rating by consumer reports, he shouldn’t go wrong, the color was lemon.

The car was bought after six months of decision making, we were on our way to Newfoundland on a May morning.My husband was speeding along on the Quebec two lane highway, we had barely reached a few miles when I heard a loud thud,he hit a dead animal on the highway and the fuel indicator of the car turned to zero, alarmed my husband went to the nearest garage. The guy told him the fuel tank was twisted, therefore he has to get used to the fact when the needle turns to half it means, the tank is full if it points to zero it means it’s half full.

So the lemon car, Ford Model, six month’s of decision making made no difference, the car proved to be a wrong pick!




365 Writing Prompt: The road less traveled

Pinpoint a moment in your past where you had to make a big decision. Write about that other alternate life that could have unfolded.

There was a moment in my past when I was torn between getting married or continue my education. I chose to get married. I thought I could study as well. It didn’t happen .

My aim was to study M.Ed after B.Ed , I completed B.Ed and was lucky to be accepted in the M.Ed program, even though I did not qualify, because the prof. Dr. Elliott told me I was too young, I did not have teaching experience which was one of the prerequisites. I remember arguing with him, he looked at me and agreed if I passed the battery of tests each candidate has to go through. I passed the tests and a week later got my acceptance letter.

When we are young we never think of the consequences of our decisions, without thinking I took a job in a school, it was my biggest mistake, I thought I could leave the job anytime to continue my education, I wrote my resignation letter but it wasn’t accepted. I never gave up hope for sometime,in the end I had to bow down to the phrase, “Man proposes ,God disposes.”

Had I stuck to the decision of completing my M.Ed degree things could be different, we were guaranteed a scholarship to the States for   further studies after completing the M.Ed. Research program. I’d  probably get to teach in the States and who knows how my life would be.

That was the past and I have no regrets I’m happy how things are for me now.

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