Living In The Sufi World

It’s Sunday morning. Grand Slam Wimbledon Tennis tournament is in full swing. One may wonder the title doesn’t match what is written below.

I know it isn’t, what I’m about to write are some beautiful words I discovered in my book.

So be ready readers, soon you will find out that my mind roams around in all kinds of news and ideas.

This time I found this basic Sufi principle to live in the world and still pursue the highest mystical goals. To serve others in a real sense is to serve God, and this service is considered by many saints to be the highest form of worship. It is not enough simply to love or to know. We have to act on our love and our knowledge.

Love and Service. To be a dervish is to love and serve others. The dervishes seek to love one another. this is actually the duty of a human being.

There are two conditions required of every dervish. One is to remember who has created us and praise our creator also be thankful to Him.

The other is to serve God’s creation, starting with human beings first, and then animals and plants. God says: The best humans are those who are useful to others.

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