song by Muhammad Rafi posted and translated by Ranu

Oh God the protector of humans

listen to my painful complaint.

You have created the world in two colors

one of hope and the other hopeless,

With the boat you created storm

With union, separation

I’ve seen your compensation

I’ve lost my love

shed your tears now

Oh protector of humans.

Fire is turned to rainy season,

flowers are turned into ember

The pleasant night seems like a serpent

the stars are like stones

all my support is gone

how will I spend my life

O life giver ?

Take away my life

Oh God the protector.

The crazy sun is looking for the moon,

Morning is looking for afternoon

I’m also looking for my love

who couldn’t be mine!

Oh God praise be to you

although I’m unlucky

I have hope,

I have blister on my feet

Oh protector of humans

The palace is sad

the lanes are desolate

and the walls are quiet

my heart and my world has perished

spring is displeased with me

How will I live my life?

The fallen temples are rebuilt

Who will take care of my heart

Oh protector of humans?

ogo maa,’Dear Mother’ Lyrics by Tagore,A chorus posted and translated by Ranu

English: Commemoration of 150th birth annivers...

English: Commemoration of 150th birth anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore, organized by the Ministry of Culture, Government of India. It was an Indo-Bangladesh joint celebration, held at the Science City, Kolkata on 9 may, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today from the heart of Bangladesh,

when did you appear in such an exceptional way,

O Mother!

O mother I stare at you,

I cannot turn my eyes off of you.

O mother your doors  are unlocked today,

in the gold temple!

Your right hand carries

the blazing sword,

the left removes fear and apprehension.

Your eyes reveal affection,

while your forehead conveys ,

fierce resolve.

O mother what an image,

I behold today!

Today the doors of your

gold temple are unlocked.

O mother,O dear mother.

Your untied hair conceals thunder,

the edge of your garment glitters

in the sun.

O, mother I cannot turn ,

my eyes away from you!

Your doors are opened ,

in the gold temple.

When I neglected to look at you,

I thought my sad mother ,

is alone in the desolate house,

there is no end to her misfortune.

Where is your wretched attire,

Where is that sad smile?

Today the sky is adorned with

the lustre of your feet.

On this night of misery,

flood the world with the flow  of happiness,

your courage resonates the heart!

O mother my heart cannot have enough of you,

the doors of gold temple are unlocked.

O Mother!