Fiction: Entrance


Five Sentence Fiction – Entrance

This week’s word: ENTRANCE

Lillie McFerrin Writes

There she was driving speedily to reach her destination, unexpectedly she found herself staring at this winding road with mountains on both sides, why didn’t her father tell her about this entrance leading to where she didn’t know.

How long is this road, she wondered , she may not make it to her interview on time, it was important if she was interested to get registered to study law, she kept driving, finally she saw,  what looked like an unpaved road ,  what could she do, there was no choice but to go on, she checked her watch, she had an hour to reach the university gates, ten minutes had gone by,what she saw ahead of her completely mesmerized her.

About a dozen little girls  in colorful  dresses were carrying placards, which said ,”No thoroughfare”, how can it be, there must be a way to keep going, one little girl ran up to her and said,” I’m sorry miss but you  cannot go any further.”

Natalie felt sick, she won’t be able to make it on time, which means she’d have to reapply the following year, what a waste she murmurred, a man appeared from nowhere right in front of her, he said, “Nothings a waste dear I’ll take you come along with me, do not be afraid, I got word from your Dad to take you to your school, hop in you’ll be there in record time.”

Natalie was desperate, she boarded the three- wheeler, the vehicle made a roaring sound, before she knew what was happening she found herself in the ‘Entrance Hall’ the guide in front yelled , ‘No time to think Miss, this way please!”





DP Daily Prompts: In Transit

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Train stations,airport terminals,subway stops:soulless spaces full of distracted, stressed zombies,magical sets for fleeting interlocking human stories.

I had quite a memorable day today,I woke up at 3.30 in the morning, took a shower,it was cold wet day,the fact I have to travel today wasn’t so exciting. I had my breakfast, called a cab my daughter and I took our baggage, boarded the cab on our way to the airport,you’d think there won’t be too many passengers this early in the morning you’re wrong we had a lot of them,we were taking advantage of the low fare.

There we were standing in line to get into the lounge, not so fast they said we must see what you’re taking with you. We checked in without any problem. There was one stop before Montreal.

We landed at Halifax airport, we had to leave the aircraft and go to the lounge,I thought we’d have to board another aircraft, but that was not the case, while I was panicking  they wouldn’t be able to transfer our luggage on to the next aircraft in fifteen minutes, my daughter said very calmly, “no Mom we’ll go in the same plane, they do this all the time i.e., get the passengers out of the aircraft, and in fifteen minutes tell them to board the same aircraft.”

It didn’t make sense to me, the only difference was we sat in different seats in the same aircraft.I have traveled before, we always had to take another plane,   what’s the use of complaining this is the normal procedure so I must ,”Grin and bear it.”

Did I have time to look around to see how other passengers were coping, I didn’t, I only saw a passenger traveling with her husband and newborn twins,those adorable twins hadn’t a care in the world,they were busy drinking milk from the bottle.

Finally from Halifax we took off on our way to Montreal, In an hour and twenty minutes we landed, then there was a rush to get to the baggage section to retrieve our suitcases.  We hired a cab and came to the house we rented.

It was sunny when we landed now it is cloudy and I see drops of rain falling.I told myself thank God it’s not snowing!


DP Daily Prompt: The Happy Wanderer

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I cannot be a happy wanderer even if I want to. There are certain limitations for a traveler like me. If I want to go somewhere I have to book in advance or I won’t get a seat. These days there are all sorts of people traveling everywhere. I tried to book my seat a day before my journey,the reply always was there are no seats available or you have to pay a hefty sum to pay for the last minute booking. I am never prepared to pay more than usual to book a seat. I therefore book in advance.

I have to follow a schedule if I want to buy a ticket to any destination. Summertime is the busiest time of the year to travel. Once I was told I’d have to book a year in advance if I wanted to travel to my destination.

Despite the fact I want to be a happy wanderer, circumstances are never in my favor. I have to map out in advance,where I want to go and for how long?

The Passenger by R.Tagore Translated by Ranu

This is my favourite poem of  R.Tagore.

‘The passenger ‘

There is space,yes I have space.

You are alone,you only have a bundle of  rice paddy.

We may have to sit close together   it’s not that much____

maybe my boat will be a little heavy____

because of this  will you have to go back? There is space, there is space.

Come,come inside the boat.

If there is some dust let it be on your feet.

You are slender and slim like a winding plant, you have uneasiness in the corner of your eyes__

your tearful eyes,your fine complexion and your delicate dress,tells me .

you must have a place. Come, come in this boat.

There are all kinds of passengers .

They will get off in different places, they don’t know each other.

You will also for a little while    be a passenger in my boat,

when the journey is over  you will not listen  to me when I forbid you.

Since you are here  you also come. There are all sorts of passengers.

Where is your destination?

In which granary will you keep your bundle of paddy?

If you don’t want to tell me    how is knowing be useful for me,

I will sit and meditate when my journey is over__

Which neighbourhood will you go to, where is your destination.

English: One of the many passenger boats at Tigre.

English: One of the many passenger boats at Tigre. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)