Deener Shongi (Poem) Companion of the distressed By Tagore, Translated by Ranu

English: Rabindranath Tagore Русский: Тагор, Р...

English: Rabindranath Tagore Русский: Тагор, Рабиндранат (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Live where the lowest of the lows

you make  your kingdom__

behind everyone,below the lowliest,amid the bereft.

When I bow to you

my obeisance stops,

where your footsteps meet  disgrace

I am unable to prostrate__

behind everyone, below the lowliest,amid the bereft.

Pride cannot reach where you move

poorly clad like a destitute__

behind all, below the poor,amid the abandoned.

Where there is wealth and respect

I hope your company there,

You are a companion of the distressed

my heart cannot   go down there__

behind all, below the lowliest, amid the abandoned.