Daily Prompt : Uncompromising

In response to one word prompt  :  Uncompromising

The Indian sub-continent had seen its ups and downs. Under the Moghul Empire they did well. This was not true of the British Empire. They were ruthless and took over the sub-continent with a firm belief it belongs to them and nothing or no one can drive them out.

It took a lifetime for the Indians to gain possession of their country.

It was possible due to the uncompromising  will of the leaders, who never gave up!

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DP Daily Prompts: Custom Zodiac

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You’re tasked with creating a brand new zodiac sign for the people born around your birthday— based solely on yourself. What would your new sign be, and how would you describe those who share it?

Custom Zodiac sign is not as easy to create as it seems, I’ll try to learn about the twelve signs and will pick the good qualities from some of them and make my own custom zodiac sign.

My custom zodiac sign is “Augustan,” those who share this sign are ambitious, determined,patient and intelligent. They are born around my birthday, some are closer than others.

Augustan Age is  one of the most illustrious periods in Latin literary history. It was marked by civil peace and prosperity.The name Augustan Age is also applied to a “classical” period in the literature of any nation, especially to the 18th century in England.

Some prefer to limit the English Augustan Age to the period covered by the reign of Queen Anne. This was the time when writers like Alexander Pope,Joseph Addison, Sir Richard Steele, John Gay and Matthew Prior flourished.

Among the ones I’ve selected there is a writer, so the zodiac sign Augustan I feel  is appropriate!