365 Writing Prompts: Fictional elevator

You’re stuck in the elevator with an intriguing stranger. Write this scene.

I came out of Selfridges  The department store in London, England for  some reason, I was in a hurry to get the Piccadilly line underground tube train. I took the first available elevator, well this is when my plan to get back to my residence in a hurry failed.

I noticed there were others who were in the elevator, they looked like people from some other planet, their language and their behavior was something I hadn’t encountered before. I took a spot and stood there hoping I’d reach the ground fast.

It was not to be, immediately after I entered the door closed. I heard someone say, ” welcome Miss to our unbelievable device, it will take you wherever you want to go, you need to have patience.”

I think I was scared I never heard  an elevator speaking before, in a moment of frenzy I spoke out loud, ” I do not have time, I have to catch my train as soon as possible.”

I had barely finished talking, when right there before me was an odd looking stranger, half his face was covered with a long flowing beard, the other half was clean shaved, when he spoke his teeth resembled Gabriel and Rafa’s, my feline friends, he was wearing Rumplestilskin’s boots and every second made a noise, enough to frighten the bravest human being. As you can guess I am the most  timid person who ever set foot on this planet.

Upon seeing this stranger I looked for another spot to move into, his form seemed to cover the length and width of the elevator, “Miss stay still this is my order or I’ll turn you into a werewolf.”

“Please don’t change me into anything I won’t move from my spot.” I said.

Hearing me speak brought about an earth shaking laughter out of him, I felt the elevator would come apart.

“This  device will take us to an unknown destination, you’d be able to eat and drink, there will be fairies to entertain you, you must stay calm or we’ll end up in a dungeon,return from there would be impossible,” he yelled!

Those words scared me I completely froze and tried to think of the prayers my mom taught me to escape from danger. While I was trying to recall which prayer  would be more suitable. I heard a loud alarm.

The weird man was trying to get my attention, “Hey you he said, did you hear my warning?”

“Warning? ” I repeated !

“Yes, you forgot about the dungeon, from where you never can come out?”

“I do ,Really I remember, I thought you said something else I did not hear?”

“Want me to speak louder?”

“Oh no, I was nervous, I cannot remember what I said?

He seemed to take pity on me and calmed right down, in a very low and friendly voice he said, “I’ll reach you to the right floor so you can take the tube train to, did you mention Piccadilly line?”

“Yes sir, thank you, thank you,” I said with a frightened voice.

“Here we are”, said the spooky guy. “Do not tell anyone about your experience, if you betray me, I’ll come after you, so beware, just tell them you met this awesome nice guy who took you for a ride in his very own elevator, Cheerio folks!”

…………………………………. 🙂

DP Daily Prompt: Undo

pad2015-s1.png (308×60)

If you could un-invent something  what would it be? Discuss why, potential repercussions, or a possible alternative.

Yes I think if I could un-invent something it would be ,”Molotov Cocktails ” this device was invented by a German named Frank Molotov. Why he and his brother thought of inventing this device would be something for me to research later.

Right now my original homeland is flooded with it, and the political party is using their followers to hurl these indiscriminately on vehicles, people, young old or anyone who does not observe “General Strike.” As a result people are burned to death,these are innocent poor people who have to go out to work to feed their families.

If the opposition thinks they will defeat the government by this process I think they are cruel, insensitive and do not care for the general public.


365 Writing prompts: Necessity is the mother of invention

Imagine, in great detail, an invention that could help reverse pollution– describe for us how your invention works and how it will help save the planet.

I spent a fair amount of time thinking what I could invent to reverse pollution. This is the simplest thing I am able to think of.

I would construct a cardboard box, in it  I will have the names of all the pollutants existing on our planet, beside each name I’ll sew a bell, and blow some magic words on each filthy thing that pollutes our environment, inside the  box there will be a device which can detect anything filthy released in the air, the name will flash, there will be someone monitoring this device 24/7 , as soon as the bell rings the person in charge will locate the name of the pollutant and will press a bell on the side this will reverse the pollution.


Writing Prompt: Flangiprop

Flangiprop my definition of this word is: a device with which one can ensnare an object,a person  or animal.

Post: flangiprop

For decades I’ve had trouble controlling overactive kids. I tried everything, all kinds of devices in the market none of them worked. Mine is a difficult job I take care of kids from ages five to ten. If I lose anyone while taking care of them. Many things can happen i.e  I’d lose my job, end up in a bad place.

I thought all these famous inventors, could not think of a device to rein in these kids, how can I invent something that’ll work.

I put  my thinking cap on . I repeated everything I’ve read about trapping. Suddenly the word prop was echoing  in my mind. I know prop is a movable object.I didn’t think it’s the answer. I continued thinking, then I yelled out like “Madame Curie,”    ‘I found it,I found it’ everyone came running what did you find, tell us. “I found the name of the device, I only have to put a prefix with prop and it is , “Flangiprop”.

Everyone burst out laughing, the youngest said, “What is Flangiprop and why do you need it?”

“I need it to catch the kids,so they are unable to run away.”

“Why do you need this weird thing, all you have to do is use your arms to grab them,”  she said.

“Really I said is it that simple, okay I’ll try your method,if it doesn’t work , I’ll use my latest, Invention, i.e, “Flangiprop”.

Does my invention work,stay tuned for the next episode !

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