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Today’s prompt : DISAPPOINTMENT

When I think of disappointment I think of my father. He sent my eldest brother to a very prestigious university to study in the faculty of engineering, my brother instead of becoming an engineer learned to waste his time with his friends. He never studied, my father was heartbroken but refrained from scolding my brother.

Now that I think of it I feel my father was too nice and his eldest son took advantage of his good nature.

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DP Writing challenge :Mind the gap Post by Ranu

I have a strong feeling  against movies that have far too much violence. I have witnessed the trend towards violence in kids as young as nine years old.Some imitate this in real life. I have taught nine year olds and I have seen how they’ve changed. Once I asked them to write stories without adding violence in it. They complained it was the best thing. Thinking it might be because boys love fighting and they prefer to write fiction where they can include violence, when I asked how many girls would like the same thing,to my utter disappointment all of them favoured it.