Prompt: Inside the Bubble

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A contagious disease requires you to be put into quarantine for a whole month( don’t worry, you get well by the time your’e free to go !) How would you spend your time in isolation?

Contagious disease can be one where the patient is unable to do anything but moan and groan, if it is too painful to bear.

Then again the patient has the contagious disease but in a position to do work when quarantined. Let’s assume I am one of those patients.I’m stuck in a place where I see no one or hear anyone. It’s the most boring place to be. What can I do for a whole month. I certainly want to take advantage of the situation.

I have the most amazing book with me. I read it once, to me it seems as if I didn’t. My plan is to read this book all over again a chapter at a time.

I intend to concentrate, so I can write the gist of each chapter separately . I also would like to find out about myself, one chapter at a time.

The book has twenty-nine chapters, there is a lesson to learn in each. I think one month is plenty of time to read it, to  write a gist of each chapter, then try to understand what sort of a person I am  according to the author.

I will not write the title of the book or who the author is, in my mind I know a fair number of you must have read it.


365 Writing prompt: Morphing

Language evolves.The meaning of a word can shift as we use it differently—think of “cool,””heavy,” or even”literally.” Today give a word an evolutionary push: give a common word a new meaning, explain it to us, and use it in the title of your post.

I cannot think of any word that hasn’t already been morphed in several different ways. Let me pick one and see if it can get an evolutionary push.

The word I have chosen is,  “Who.” My meaning is shiver or shivering.


Emily went for a walk one day, the wind was blowing, the sky was overcast, “Oh gee” she said,  “I forgot to wear my warm clothes, what will I do now can someone tell me?”

Along came Raggedy Ann, “Did I hear someone doesn’t have warm clothes, my oh my, why aren’t people careful these days you will now suffer from “Who,” disease.”

“You’re not making any sense, ” said Emily, “I’ve never heard of a disease called, “Who.”

“Well it’s a new disease, coined by I forgot her name.”

“Okay, what happens when you have this disease.”

“Emily you’re so naive, you shiver, this is how the “Who” disease affects you, you are shivering aren’t you?”

“Raggedy Ann, you made up this weird disease and you  are  trying to convince me it actually is one, I think you should go and leave me alone.”

“Jeepers weepers, I don’t want to catch, “Who” disease, oh no I can hear me shiver, did I catch it?”

Old man Tommy was trudging along, he heard the last few words, “did I catch it?”

“Dear Emily what on earth did you catch?”

“The “Who” disease,” she said .

“Enough wisecracks, now run along before I turn you  into a, “Who.”

“Oh no Uncle Tommy don’t do that, I’m running home right now!” 😦

………………………………… 🙂


DP Daily Prompt: Viral Post by Ranu

Viral comes from the word virus. We have heard  the word virus long time ago . We know virus is a Latin word for poison.This is the name of a large class of protein substances they are only visible by the electron microscope. They are lifeless until they come into contact with the right cells of a living organism. It triggers into a reproductive activity. This produces the frequently epidemic diseases such as the common cold,influenza,small pox etc.

English: Siemens electron microscope (1969) It...

English: Siemens electron microscope (1969) Italiano: Microscopio elettronico Siemens (1969) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The deadliest disease is small pox, it can wipe out a community. Vaccines are invented to combat the disease. The World health Organization declared in 1979 that the disease is eradicated. The threat since then is from existing samples of the virus at two research locations, One in the U.S and the other in Russia.

Superstition posted by Ranu

Superstition is an irrational belief or practice resulting from ignorance. The other day I watched a movie in which a woman died of childbirth.No one tried to find out why the woman died,their belief was she died because the girl born to this woman,is unlucky.There are many causes of death in childbirth,the process of delivery,the physician who looked after could have done something wrong.The woman had some kind of disease like cancer.Nothing was taken into account,but the friends,families and neighbours of the deceased immediately blamed the baby girl,they were certain she was unlucky.The result was she and her father were ostracized. No one visited them.The poor child could not play with any one.She grew up believing she really was unlucky therefore she should end her life. This kind of belief destroys a person and the family.

I have experienced some superstitious beliefs by my parents.Every morning,my Mom used to wake up and made sure she saw my face first before she prayed and started the chores in the house.

One day my Dad came home from the office.He was furious with our servant because he opened the door and my Dad saw his face first thing in the morning.According to him,everything went wrong in the office.He called me and said, ‘Ma Ranu ,can you open the door in the morning?’ Let me explain about opening the door.During the summer months,because it was exceptionally hot inside the house,we used to take our bed and bedding to sleep in the verandah. All the doors therefore were closed from inside,but there was one door we used to lock from the outside.This was the job of the servant. Anyway I was assigned to open the door,I was considered lucky,so who better to be in-charge of the door,but me.

Not that I minded doing this easy chore,but it was getting ridiculous.My younger sister wrote her high school exams,the results were due to come out the following morning. She wanted to see my face when she woke up.My sister was a terrible student,I knew there is no way she is going to pass the exam. and she would blame me,I seriously prayed and asked God to help me. Talk about ‘Divine ‘ help I could not believe how things turned out for me. For some very important reason I had to go to Dhaka.I wasn’t home when the results came out. My sister failed,she couldn’t blame me for her failure.I thanked God for His help.