DP Daily Prompts: Kick the Bucket

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What are the top items on your anti-bucket list—those things you never ever want to do, places you never want to visit, books you never want to read,etc.?

My anti-bucket list is long, first of all I’d stay away from people,places or things that causes me grief, I tell myself I’m only here for a short time I do not want to be unhappy.

Since I heard how an innocent twenty-two year old female student was raped and murdered and the onlookers stared and watched, but  failed to come to her aid,  is one city I will never visit.

There are millions of books sold everyday, of those the ones that does not help me learn anything are the books I will not read.

I will never vote for dishonest public figures who tell us he/she will do this and that for the city,in the end do nothing after they are elected for the people who had faith in them.

I will never buy from a store that deceives me and the customers who trust them by selling goods that are not worth the price!

These are some of the things in my anti-bucket list.