Daily Prompt : Distant

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Distant

Minnie’s unfortunate adventure!

Faraway in a remote village lived an old man, his main work everyday was to take care of his Grand daughter Minnie, whose mom died in a strange accident, having lost her father a year before, made her completely helpless. Her Grandpa agreed to take care of her.

Minnie was a sweet, agreeable child, whatever grandpa asked her to do, she’d never complain. One day she was sent on an errand to buy some vegetables and fish, gramps was in a mood to cook a grand meal for his favorite Minnie.

Minnie was on her way to the market when she met a girl her own age, they started talking, both instantly became friends. The girl was Sally who was going to see her aunt Amy who lived near the    market.

While walking the two asked each other some questions to know each other well. Minnie asked Sally, ‘Why are you going to see your aunt, is she sick, did she invite you for supper, how long will you stay with her?’

Sally said,  ‘Minnie you’re asking too many questions, I’m going to see my aunt, I haven’t seen her for a long time, I don’t know how long I’ll stay maybe an hour or two, it depends on my aunt, if she invites me  to have supper I will or else I’ll go home shortly.’

Minnie listened to her new friend and suddenly wanted to accompany her to her aunt’s house. ‘Can I come with you too, I want to see your aunt, my mom or dad, had no   siblings, I never had an aunt, I so want to see what an Aunt is like, please ,please, can I?’

Sally was hesitant in the beginning but felt bad for her friend, she said, ‘Okay you can come with me but you mustn’t talk when we get there.’

At that point Minnie was ready to do anything, staying quiet in her friend’s aunt’s house, didn’t bother her much. She told herself, she’d listen and find out what an aunt looks like, she didn’t have an aunt herself, it’d be fun to watch Sally’s aunt.

They walked a long way until Sally pointed out, ‘Look that’s the house, the one with a red roof.’

They arrived at the doorstep Sally rang the doorbell, no one came out, she rang it twice, still no one, she was impatient she started banging the door hard, this time someone from inside said, ‘Who are you, what do you want, go away or I’ll call Malcolm, he will take care of you, I’m warning you?’

Sally cried out loud, ‘Aunt Winnie, it’s Sally your niece, I came to see you, I brought my friend too.’

Hearing her niece aunt Winnie opened the door, Minnie looked at the aunt, she was tall, stern to look at, she had a harsh voice and seemed unfriendly. Minnie had to think immediately whether to go in or run. She did the latter. Sally called her to come back but Minnie wasn’t sure the aunt was a nice person.

She ran to the market, bought the  things for gramps and headed home. At home gramps was walking to and fro wondering why was little Minnie taking so long.

When she arrived home gramps had a lot of questions, but first he had to cook the grand meal he promised his grandkid. Little Minnie was a  great shopper, she bought all the right things. Gramps finished cooking in an hour. It was time to have a delicious meal, the table was set, both ate well and put  the leftovers away to eat the next day.

Then Gramps asked his grand kid, “why were you so late?”

‘It’s a long story,’ she said, I wanted to know what  my friend  Sally’s aunt was  like, I found out, she  was  cold, anti-social, unfriendly, you name it, she was bad, she really was Distant  gramps.I understood then how great you are, a caring, friendly, and a  warm-hearted person, I love you gramps, you’re the best!’

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Tagore song: anek diner amaar je gaan

When my long ago song

comes back to me

I ask what kind of wind

makes it roam around repeatedly

The flower that left everything behind

Where did it find its scent

Where hope is lost

By which tune were you   able to awaken it?

The one who  lost its dwelling place

Your tune became its residence

One whose parting has no end

Your tune gives it the language of union

One whose tears are dried

Your tune brings it tears

You are the vehicle of its forgotten days

In the language of dreams in the distant skies!