Daily Prompt : Frantic

In response to one-word prompt : Frantic

My Simple Mother!

My little brother said, ‘Ranu my exam results will come out today, please pray I remain number One  in the school register.’

I was certain he’d top the class without difficulty. So I said,   ‘I’m sure no one can take your position, you’re the best.’

However I was concerned when he was taking long to come home. I kept  looking out the window , when it was early evening I was Frantic, knowing how much he worked for maintaining  first position in his class. What if someone else takes his place.

I watched from the window, I  saw three friends of my brother bringing him home and my brother was crying.

I was distressed, could not understand what went wrong. My brother lay in bed weeping.

I was so stunned I couldn’t say anything to him, but watched him cry his heart out.

My mom was beside herself, she immediately called a rickshaw and went to his school.

She thought my brother failed the exam, or else why would he cry so much. When she asked the Principal about my brother’s exam results, he told her, he was second in his class.

Mom returned home she had a broad smile on her face. He is second in his class, she said smiling.

Why did you think he’s crying? I asked quietly.

She said she thought my brother failed his exam. I was amazed my mom had no idea how good her son was in his studies!

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Tagore Song : bodhu kon aalo posted and translated by Ranu


Bride , which light

Touched my eyes?

Perhaps your light was shaped

Like a sunbeam in the

Solar region.

My heart was waiting

For you day and night.

Long time have I endured

The pain of separation.

Devoid of music  depressed ,

without a companion,

Will I forever be distressed

And spend my days alone?

Oh Beautiful

Bring your garland,

Take off the veil,

Let me look at your

Shy smiling face,

In this auspicious light!

k: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2015/02/13/dp-daily-prompt-sliced-bread




Online Exhibition Painting with Music by Bangladesh Artists posted by ranu

Tagore Song    Translation by Ranu

I will sing for you.

This is why you keep me awake.

O spoiler of sleep,

I will sing for you.

This is why you startle me by your call.

O distressed one,I will sing for you.

Darkness is enclosing,

the bird is back in its nest.

The boat is ashore,

only my heart cannot rest.

In the midst of my work,

you did not let my weeping stop.

After touching me and

filling my heart with sweetness,

you move away,

I know you watch my pain secretly.

O distressed one,

I will sing for you.

This post is specially for Akhtar Bhai, Khurram Bhai,Robert, Shaidi and all the others who continuously encourage me. Thank you.

By the side of a well by R.Tagore translated by Ranu

Neem - the pharmacy tree

Neem – the pharmacy tree (Photo credit: Tatters:))

I did not want anything from you  , I did not tell you my name,

when you said good bye I kept quiet.

I was sitting alone by the well in the shadow of the Neem tree,

they all left with their pitchers to the neighbourhood.

They  called me as they were leaving, ‘come the day is almost over.’

What kept me from moving what was I thinking.

I did not hear your footsteps when did you come.

You had a look of sadness __    you spoke with a very tired voice___

‘I am a distressed thirsty traveller.’  in a fit of surprise

I poured the water in your folded hands.

The rustling leaves trembled, the cuckoo was calling from somewhere__

the yellow flowers of the acacia tree  was spreading its aroma in the village path.

When you asked my name I was very shy__

what  have I done for you to remember me!

I was only able to give you some water to quench your thirst

I will cherish this in my memory.

By the side of the well, the birds chirp just like before in the afternoon,

the leaves tremble in the same manner___ I remain seated.

Neem flowers in closeup

Neem flowers in closeup (Photo credit: Wikipedia)