365 Writing Prompts: these boots were made for walkin’

Tell us about your favorite pair of shoes, and where they’ve taken you.

My favorite pair of shoes is an ordinary pair, they are actually sneakers I always wear when I go for a walk.

A few years ago I  had some problems with one of my heels, I do not recall which one, I went to the physician to see if he could help me.

He gave me a long lecture about how women wear high heel shoes which is not good for them. I told him I don’t wear high heels. His advice was I should always wear sneakers to avoid any problem with my feet.

I took his advice seriously and bought a black pair of sneakers. They took me to the streets of London, Montreal, Atlanta, Chicago,Baltimore, Calgary and also my city st’ John’s . I find them comfortable, I do not have any aches and pains that I had when I wore the fancy shoes.

My black pair of sneakers are the most comfortable shoes I own and I’m delighted to have them!


Writing Prompt: It’s Too Late Doctor

Far away in a town of two hundred people there lived a mother and son,   they were living a comfortable life, the mother was a seamstress, whatever she earned was enough to take care of herself  and her son Jared.

Jared was two years old when his father went on a hunting expedition. He went for a week, but a week later there was no sign of him. After a month long wait the mother gave up hope. She knew she had to find something to do to feed herself and her little boy.

The opportunity came in the right moment, a young woman needed to get a gown stitched for a very important occasion. She was going to be married in a month’s time, she couldn’t find anyone who would sew it for her. She sent her friends and family door to door if there was someone in town available who could stitch for her.

Her people were tired of knocking doors and promised they’ll try one more and give up if they didn’t find the right person. Fate was smiling at both the young lady and Jared’s mother. Jared’s mother Poppy was the last person whose door was knocked.

Poppy was a delightful and charming woman, she welcomed the people in her house. They told her what they were looking for Poppy was happy to oblige. There was one problem, she did not have a sewing machine.

A sewing machine was purchased by the young woman and had it delivered to Poppy’s house.  Poppy started sewing , she had a week to do the job. She stitched the gown on time for the wedding. The young woman gave the machine to Poppy. Poppy was ecstatic, she would be able to earn money by sewing.

Jared and his mother were doing well,they were happy and contented. Jared was playing outdoors one day, he heard someone calling him,he turned around and saw an old man smiling and calling him. His mother always cautioned him to stay away from strangers. Something about the old man made him curious, he walked towards him and asked, “What do you want, and how do you know my name?”

“I live in that small hut nearby, I always hear your mother calling you, this is how I know your name, ” said the man.

What do you want,Jared asked?

I want to show you something if you come with me to my hut, the man said.

Jared was confused he knew his mother cautioned him about strangers, but the man in front of him looked kind, he wouldn’t hurt him is what he thought.

I’ll go with you for a few minutes Jared said. The man agreed, they started walking, it seemed his house wasn’t nearby but a long way away. Jared wanted to turn around and go home but he couldn’t remember which way to go, reluctantly he continued on this never ending journey.

He noticed the road where they turned was long and narrow ,the man told him his hut was a few feet away. The hut before him was shabby, the roof was tilted on one side, there was a  broken door, it had no windows. Behind the broken door,he heard a faint cry, Jared was scared, he still tried to be calm. The man took him in and showed a little cot where lay a tiny infant.

“You see this is my little baby, her mother left me now I have to take care of her. I brought you here to help me.”

I am only a little boy, how can I take care of her, Jared replied.

I’ll teach you do not worry the man said. It took Jared long a time to realize that a nice face does not necessarily mean a nice person.

Everyday he thought of running away but he was unsuccessful. Luckily the man went out to run some errands, Jared took this opportunity to escape.

He kept running and crying for someone to save him. Luckily one of his mother’s friend spotted him. She took him home. Poppy was begging everyone to find her son. When she saw her son after such a long time, she collapsed on the floor. The townspeople were frantic they looked for a doctor to save their wonderful seamstress.

They found one after many hours, the woman who volunteered to take care of Poppy, while the citizens were busy looking for a doctor, came forward when the announcement of finding the doctor was made.

She looked at him and said,”It’s Too Late Doctor.”

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DP Daily Prompt: Shake it Up

pad2014-s.png (308×60)

It’s kind of ironic that I am supposed to write about my twelfth birthday. For starters I did not have a birthday party. I remember a few days after my birthday, well, I can still visualize the day as if it happened only yesterday.

On the twenty second day after my birthday, my father’s condition suddenly worsened . We were playing outside completely unaware what was happening inside the house,until I heard a loud scream. We rushed inside, my Dad was on the bed trying to say something to my brother, who was holding my Dad’s hand and telling him not to go. After a few minutes all was quiet,my eldest brother was on his way to get a doctor,by the time he came with the doctor, my Dad stopped breathing.

The doctor examined my Dad and said , “I am sorry, it’s too late!” My brother asked him how much was his fees.

He looked at him and said, “I do not take money from a dead man.”

Our home was a scene of sadness ,my Mom was crying and reading the Qur’an , my sister kept crying and said, “I am so sorry I wasn’t home when he died, I couldn’t say goodbye to him.”

We were numb we did not understand what death meant, I and my younger siblings did not realize it was final, Our Dad will never come back.

Then my brother wanted to know from our mom, what should we do next. My mom wanted us to leave the place and go to Bangladesh our original home.

The preparation took six months. We left Rawalpindi by air. We stayed in Dhaka for a few days and went to my maternal grandpa’s village. We lived in his house for almost a year, my eldest brother went to Comilla a small town to buy a house for us to live.

We moved to Comilla which became our permanent home.


NaBloPoMo November 18 A movie https://sabethville.wordpress.com Ranu’s post

Yesterday I watched a Hindi movie.The title was Aseema. It was also the name of the main character.She was the only child of her parents. She did not go through higher studies.Her wealthy parents decided to marry her off to a physician.

She felt her husband very aloof . As she was married already ,she didn’t know what to think.He left her with her parents.The family was told he had business elsewhere,leading them to believe he’d be back soon. Instead she received a letter of divorce. Aseema’s father was angry.This is all he could do.The daughter decided to go to school . She finished her education.The parents looked after her child while she was in school.

She took a job in a college away from her home.Some of her colleagues were wondering why she was not interested to get married.They had no knowledge of her.She did not take them into her confidence.

She had an accident and had to be taken to the hospital.Here she met a doctor who was very kind and helped her with the healing of her leg. The doctor was a bachelor,he did not marry because of his responsibility towards his family.

Aseema fell ill and refused to seek medical help.She was forced to do so by her friend. The doctor who treated her leg, took care of her again. The two started seeing each other and fell in love. When the question of marriage came,Aseema wasn’t sure,she declined because she had to take care of her daughter.

Meanwhile the daughter  was studying in Mumbai.She fell in love with her classmate and wanted to marry him. Aseema was not in favor,she wanted her daughter,to complete her education. The family insisted that Aseema should let her daughter get married. They were married.

Now the family wanted her to marry the doctor. They did get married and I guess lived happily ever after.

It is a good story written by someone from Orrissa. The main characters are not well known.I liked the story,at times I felt their acting was not natural.

When I started watching it, I wasn’t sure I wanted to watch the full movie. The outcome seemed predictable to me.

Alphie and his family’s dinner invitation

Many types of sushi ready to eat.

McDonald's in Moscow
McDonald’s in Moscow (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Image:Fish, chips & mushy peas

Image:Fish, chips & mushy peas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Fast food in Yambol, Bulgaria Българс...

English: Fast food in Yambol, Bulgaria Български: Заведение за бързо хранене в Ямбол (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Alphie and his family had a wonderful time in Sydney.Their vacation will be over in a couple of days.one day,he was thinking of Charlie,he was such an amazing host.Alphie thought he must see Charlie’s dad.The following morning,both families went to see Charlie’s Dad.Dr.Edward was a physician.He always made sure his son and the grandson took proper care of their health.Sometimes Charlie did not quite appreciate the way his father  gave lectures on health.He was afraid his Dad would talk to Alphie about over weight.He did not want to tell his friend about his Dad’s obsession.

On their way to Dr. Edwards house,Charlie tried very hard to tell Alphie that his Dad loves to talk about his work.Alphie was not receptive enough.There is nothing worse than dealing with someone or talking to him,when he is immersed in his own thoughts.Charlie played a trick to bring him back to reality.He said,”Hey Alph, what were you saying about the bird crane?” Alphie almost fell off his seat,there was no chance of getting out,they were still in the car.Alphie’s wife,Susan interjected, “Charlie,this certainly will bring Alph down to earth, The word crane is all he needs to hear.”

“Really,said Charlie,why is “Crane” such an important word?” Well, good old Alph,got the chance he was looking for.Without any fanfare,he began his story of,how he outwit his master.Charlie listened halfheartedly,Gepetto was embarrassed about his father’s anecdote and exclaimed,”Are we there yet,I am sooooo hungry?”

Gepetto saved the day for Charlie.The house could be seen from a few yards, Charlie said,”this is the drive way”,he stopped .”Come out everyone,Mom And Dad are waiting,he said.” Gepetto ,out of nowhere cried out ,”good die mate.”

The first thing Dr.Edward noticed was how obese Alphie was.He decided to have a heart to heart conversation with Alphie about his health.Mary called everyone ,”  Dinner is served,she said.” Gepetto who already announced in the car,he was peckish.took his seat without any further delay.While all the family members were taking their seat,Gepetto was busy looking at the mouth-watering food.Gepetto noticed the roast and could not help himself,he asked about the bird.Mary told him it was a crane. “Crane!but the crane has only one leg,Aunt Mary”,no they have two,” she replied. “My Dad said.” So Alphie had to explain,why he said that. The room was filled with laughter.Bobby who did not think it was funny,said, “Uncle Alphie you lied,my teacher said,we should never lie.” Alphie’s face turned beet red,he looked side ways and wanted to change the subject,His buddy,Charlie came to his rescue.He suggested they should have dessert in the living room.Everyone agreed.Dessert was Charlie’s favourite,an apple pie!

After dinner,Dr. Edwards called Alphie to his room.Not knowing what to expect,he took cautious steps to reach the doctor’s chamber. ” Unaware of what was coming to him,Alphie froze in his chair,waiting to know what was on the mind of the doctor.  Without waiting Dr.Edwards decided to tell why he wanted to see him alone.”You see,Alphie,being a physician I always think I must alert the people I know,why I must talk about health.There are so many people in our country suffering from heart disease,diabetes,the government spends millions of dollars for health care.As long as we have these fast food chains,there is no hope of saving the population.”

“At first we were thrilled to have Mcdonalds,Burger King,Pizza Hut,Doughnut village.Now we know it was a mistake to have these fast food places.It is up to us to curtail our intake of these foods.You have a very young family you must think  about them and start getting fit.I will give you a list of food you should take,it will help you,said Dr Edwards.”

Bobby wanted to show his mastery of the Australia slang,he said in a rather strong audible voice “Beut” grandpa,everyone laughed and got into the car.All in all it was an interesting evening.They were glad to be home

To be continued!

The adventures Of Alphie and Gepetto!

Anzac Bridge & Sydney harbour Bridge from Gleb...

Anzac Bridge & Sydney harbour Bridge from Glebe Point (Suburban Sydney, Australia) IMG_6421 View On Black (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: A panoramic view of the Sydney skylin...

English: A panoramic view of the Sydney skyline as viewed across Sydney Harbour from Kirribilli. Taken by myself with a Canon 5D and 100mm f/2.8 lens. This is an exposure blended image. Français : Vue panoramique de Sydney depuis Kirribilli avec le bassin de Port Jackson au premier plan. Photo prise avec un appareil Canon EOS 5D et un objectif 100mm f/2.8. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Screenshot of Alpine e-mail client version 2.00.

Screenshot of Alpine e-mail client version 2.00. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Correio (Postman).

Correio (Postman). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In part one it was all about Alphie,the cook.Part two the focus shifted to Alphie’s extended family,his wife and his son. .Alphie was still in-charge.He trained his son to cook and and challenge everyone about his wit.The former was all right for Gepetto.He had some negative feeling about being witty.Which led to their defeat.

Having faced defeat quite soundly.Alphie decided to lay low for a while and gave himself time to think.It did not look as though he had given up on being witty.He now is thinking of re-entering the world of wit.His idea was to get Gepetto involved.On hearing what his Dad had up his sleeve.He was certain he will have a war of words with his Dad.

The task Alphie had before him was not going to be a piece of cake.He needed to get his brain to co-operate with him.It was getting more apparent to the wife,The phrase,” once a crook always a crook.” she knew,it won’t be easy for her to bring Alphie back to reality.Reality according to Alphie was doing what he knew best,showing how cunning he was,which is an extraordinary way of becoming famous.It does not require much intelligence,this way no one gets hurt and he retains his name as the most witty person on this side of the globe.Alphie started thinking about his good pal Charlie,checked his mail and amazingly enough,there was mail waiting for him, from his buddy Charlie.This made him quite energetic.They started corresponding with each other via email.Isn’t this awesome he told himself.He no longer has to wait for mail through the post office which is a lousy service.Sometimes the mail takes a week to be delivered within the city. “I applaud the person who made our life so much easier.Charlie and I have already made plans.He wants me to visit Australia,how neat is that “!

Alphie told his family,they will be taking a trip to Australia next week.They were invited by his friend Charlie to visit him and his family.

The family got ready for the trip and on the day of their travel.Gepetto’s excitement reached its limit.He was like a bird, caged so long that, the very idea of freedom was making him completely insane.” I understand why you are,so excited, but Gepetto,you are being watched by the rest of the passengers,who knows, what they are thinking.” Gepetto, yelled out,”they will think my parents did not teach me,how to behave in public, right Dad?” Gepetto’s parents breathed a sigh of relief,when they landed safely in Sydney!Charlie was at the airport waiting,the friends hugged each other after the introduction,they all whisked their way to Charlie’s home. This time Charlie introduced his family,his wife Mary and son Bobby.Mary had already set the table.The food was delicious and Gepetto ate as if he was not fed for days.It was now time for bed.So they all went to their respective rooms.Alfie and his family were sound asleep,when the breakfast bell was rung few times,Alphie woke up and called his wife and Gepetto to get ready at once.After breakfast they sat around to discuss their plans of how they will spend the week.

To be continued!