DP Daily Prompt: Unknown caller post by ranu

Unknown Caller:   Door bell rings: A stranger makes an appearance.

Ranu: Yes what can I do for you?


Doorbells (Photo credit: ☃)

Stranger: Is this your house?

Ranu : Yes it is.

Stranger : Someone called me to start delivering,’The Evening Telegram’.

Ranu: I am sorry, I did not ask anyone to deliver a newspaper.

Stranger: But would you like me to?

Ranu: No,thanks,I can get my news from television and I already pay for the service.

Stranger: Please can you help me,I have started the paper route today.So far I am unable to get any customer.

Ranu: Listen, let me make it clear to you.You rang the doorbell and lied to me.When you realized it’s not going to help,you are pleading to buy your paper.I cannot help you,this is all I’ll say.Goodbye!