DP Daily Prompt: Junk Food Junkie

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What’ your biggest junk food weakness? Tell us about it in its sugary, salty glory.



I am not a ‘Junk Food Junkie’ per se , having said that I must admit I do give in to some foods which might be called junk, e.g., Pizza. I do not indulge that much but every now and then I love a slice of that spicy, cheesy pizza to substitute for all the healthy foods I make myself eat. There is one thing which keeps me away from the delicious junk food and that is, I do not entertain the thought of getting my house doors wider so I can fit in. It’s terrible it’ll be spending money to fix my doors,buy new clothing, I’d be short of breath while walking and a whole bunch of unknown problems.

Who wants to buy trouble by being a ‘Junk food Junkie’.  I tell myself once in a while is okay.


 https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/04/17/dp-daily-promp…nk-food-junkie/ https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/04/17/dp-daily-promp…nk-food-junkie/

ogo maa,’Dear Mother’ Lyrics by Tagore,A chorus posted and translated by Ranu

English: Commemoration of 150th birth annivers...

English: Commemoration of 150th birth anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore, organized by the Ministry of Culture, Government of India. It was an Indo-Bangladesh joint celebration, held at the Science City, Kolkata on 9 may, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today from the heart of Bangladesh,

when did you appear in such an exceptional way,

O Mother!

O mother I stare at you,

I cannot turn my eyes off of you.

O mother your doors  are unlocked today,

in the gold temple!

Your right hand carries

the blazing sword,

the left removes fear and apprehension.

Your eyes reveal affection,

while your forehead conveys ,

fierce resolve.

O mother what an image,

I behold today!

Today the doors of your

gold temple are unlocked.

O mother,O dear mother.

Your untied hair conceals thunder,

the edge of your garment glitters

in the sun.

O, mother I cannot turn ,

my eyes away from you!

Your doors are opened ,

in the gold temple.

When I neglected to look at you,

I thought my sad mother ,

is alone in the desolate house,

there is no end to her misfortune.

Where is your wretched attire,

Where is that sad smile?

Today the sky is adorned with

the lustre of your feet.

On this night of misery,

flood the world with the flow  of happiness,

your courage resonates the heart!

O mother my heart cannot have enough of you,

the doors of gold temple are unlocked.

O Mother!

Walk Alone song by Tagore Translation by Ranu

If no one answers your call, then  walk alone,

Walk alone,walk alone walk alone.

If no one speaks,O  unfortunate one,no one answers your call,

if all of them go back and  are afraid,

then open your heart and let your feelings known vocally.

If all of them go back, O unfortunate one ,no one turns around ,

then  trample the thorns and move on with your bleeding feet.

If no one answers your call,

If they don’t hold the light in the dark night,

if they close the doors because of the storm,

then walk alone on the impassable path

and light up the light in your heart and walk alone.

If no one answers your call walk alone,walk alone,walk alone.

(Aagomon) Arrival by Tagore translation by ranu

(Aagomon)  Arrival               Rabindranath Tagore

The evening brought our work to an end__

our doors were shut we expected no one.

Some thought, there will be a visitor,

may be a king or a knight.

We roared in laughter and said no it’s not right.

2. Then we heard a knock on the door__

We then declared, ‘may be it’s the wind.’

The lamps were smothered we lay in bed__

some thought may be ‘it’s an emissary.’

We laughed and voiced, ‘it probably is the wind.’

3. At midnight we heard a strange tune__

drowsily we thought it was the thunder.

Every few moments we felt the earth was trembling___

some of us thought it was the ‘sound of the wheels.’

Still sleeping  we insisted,’it’s thunder.’

4. It was still dark, the sound of the kettle-drum was heard__

someone screamed, ‘,don’t delay wake up everyone.’

We held ourselves and woke up with fright__

some whispered in our ears, ‘we see the king’s image.’

We all woke up and expressed, ‘we cannot delay any longer.’

5. Where is the light,the garland,the preparation!

King is in my country ,where is the throne!

Alas our destiny,the embarrassment__ where is the assembly!

Some whisper in our ears,’this is a useless wail,

welcome him with an empty hand.’

O you all open the doors,blow the conch-shell___

in the middle of the night has come the king of dark homes.

the sound of thunder is heard in space, the lightning flashes,

pull everyone from bed and decorate the compound__

suddenly the king of sorrow has accompanied the storm.