Daily Prompt : Doppelganger

In response to prompt :  Doppelganger

Regina  yelled out loud, ‘Hey Rita what were you doing across town yesterday?’

‘I was home all day, how did you see me across town,’ Rita said.

Regina continued, ‘oh come on I saw you, are you doing something behind your mom’s back?

Rita  was furious and  yelled, ‘no I’m doing nothing behind her back, you’re trying to get me in trouble.’

Our Prof. Mr. Hill overheard their conversation, he noticed Rita was edgy, he decided to step in and explain, ‘listen girls, let me set you straight  you must have seen someone who is a look-alike of your friend. So your friend wasn’t across town but the look-alike of your friend was, you must have seen Rita’s doppelganger.

doppelganger? Both girls yelled at once.

Yes said Prof. Hill,  a doppelganger is someone who is a look-alike.

Regina finally understood her mistake, she said, ‘oh like a twin?’

Yes said the smiling Prof.: in future do not make this mistake again!

…………………………………. 🙂