Daily Prompt : Doubt

In response to daily post’s prompt : Doubt

My years as a teenager and later an adult not a day passed when I was not in doubt of something. Before any exam I’d hold on to the question paper and after reading all the questions, I’d fear that none of the questions asked I’d be able to answer.

Slowly I’d sit straight and tell myself, ‘I studied the subject, why does it appear I never saw these words. Then my inner self would wake me up and whisper, ‘Ranu you have three hours to answer six questions, start writing, do not hand over your empty booklet, because if you fail, your older brother will marry you off to a farmer, you’ll be stuck in a village and cry day and night.’

Was this a warning? I knew because Dad passed away, my brother would really do this awful thing to me, and Mom would say nothing. I managed to write my exams, I had no clue what the result would be and added to this was my lack of confidence.

Two days before the results came out, I’d start praying asking God to please help me pass, I don’t remember this but I must have promised I’ll study harder for my next exam. God probably thought, ‘this is what humans do, they pray to get out of trouble and when they are successful, they forget the promise and go back to their laziness.’

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Tagore Songs; Top five best ever instrumental music, posted by Ranu

1. Hey khoniker Othitithi   Oh momentary guest

2. Monay ki dwidha rekhay gelay— what doubt did you leave behind

3. Monay robay ki narobay — whether you remember or not

4. Shedin Dujonay—- That day two of us

5. Tora jay ja bolish bhai— you can say whatever brothers, I want my gold deer

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DP Daily Prompt:Overload Alert

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“Everybody gets so much information all day long they lose their common sense.”— Gertrude Stein

Do you agree?

I agree with the above statement and it’s true we forget to use our common sense and eventually lose it. We do not give importance to our thinking because someone out there has all the answers, we do not value our common sense we begin to doubt ourselves.

Having said that I will be the first one to admit some information we get through media and different ads teach us things we are not aware of. It does not necessarily mean we should follow anything or everything.

: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/09/15/dp-daily-prompt-6/