Daily Prompts: EDGE

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Write a new post in response to the one-word prompt.


One day I could not find a very important card, I was on edge, I could not talk to anyone, I was frightened beyond words. For three days I prayed and asked God to help me find it.

A card that can fit on your palm can give so much anxiety, on the third day I started looking, I saw the case of a videotape without the tape, what was amazing my picture was in it, I looked and thought no I don’t think it’s here, my inner voice told me to look any way. I opened the case took out my photo and to my surprise saw the card. Why would I put it in such a place was my question, I couldn’t think of an answer, except my prayer worked.


…………………………… ūüė¶


Tagore song: ekhoni ki holo tomar jabar bela

Is it time for you to leave already,

Oh my dear stranger,

Look into my heart

I have arranged all night

to have a seat for you.

Hesitatingly you came

perhaps to ask for something.

Silently in the twilight you

played with my thoughts.

You failed to express

the expectation you brought.

The bird sat on the edge of the branch

forgot to build its nest.

We met , we ¬†didn’t recognize ,

you ¬†had questions, but ¬†didn’t ask

Why did you neglect

your own  desire?

Oh my dear stranger!