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One-story bungalow with painted trim, earth-to...

One-story bungalow with painted trim, earth-tone shingles. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The luxury item I want,is a bungalow. I live in a two storey house.It is all right. It is a problem when I want something,not on the same floor.

To me a bungalow is very convenient. All the rooms are on the same floor. The kitchen is spacious. There are plenty of cupboards for everything.

The living room has comfortable space. I like a fire place .In winter it adds to the beauty. All of us can enjoy it.

Three bedrooms is perfect.They should have en-suite bath ,a powder room and a walk in closet.

A veranda is awesome to have but not practical. The snow in winter will fill the space. A  porch is fine.

The bungalow will be surrounded by trees. The front will have a garden.The land at the back can be used to grow vegetables.

This is what I’d love to have!