DP Daily Prompt: The Artist’s Eye Post by Ranu

English: A Peafowl flaring his feathers. Franç...

English: A Peafowl flaring his feathers. Français : Un paon faisant la roue. Basa Sunda: Merak midang, mébérkeun buntutna anu warna-warni. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When an artists paints or sculpts or does etching,he imagines how his work should turn out,to please or wow the lover’s of art. When I look at art these things come to mind.

I happen to have a few paintings and etching that my husband and I bought. They are beautiful.We are fortunate enough to have them.There is a painting of a Japanese artist.I absolutely adore .

The main subject is the peacock. The colors are so realistic,it makes one think it is a photograph. The peacock is on the grass,its tail is spread out.There is the blue sky, the pink flower trees,the white pea hens,the flying black birds.The main attraction in this painting is the peacock with its beautiful tail. When you look at it the first time,the peacock’s feathers dazzles the eye,then you look for other things and you can notice that the pea hens are almost invisible. The red,white and the pink flowers add  the beauty of this particular painting.

This painting tells me the painter spent a lot of time,before he started. His work proves it.