#Everyday Inspiration, Day Fourteen: Recreate a Single Day

Day Fourteen : Recreate a Single Day

Yesterday I woke up at 4 in the morning, I get up early,  because I’m required to offer, the morning prayer before sunrise. I went back to bed after an hour, and woke up the second time at 6 in the morning.

I was still having a dull toothache and wasn’t sure what I could eat to avoid the pain from getting worse. Incidentally I had the tooth ache since last Saturday, because of the week-end and holiday on Monday, I was lucky to get an appointment with a Dentist on Tuesday .

Going back to recreate my single day and the food I was about to take,I poured a mug of milk and warmed it up in the microwave oven. I felt like eating some solid food, it had to be soft, because my dentist told me to chew on one side of my mouth, which is the right side, the left side went through an hour of trauma, it needed two fillings.

I grabbed a slice of bread, tore it into bite size pieces and mixed it with  warm milk, I simply put the pieces directly in the mug. Then began my ordeal of eating  bread and the milk, it wasn’t a pleasant experience, this was the best way to put something in my stomach.

I tried to do my assignments but my brain did not cooperate, how could it, it’s been deprived of food all day. I didn’t like to push my luck, so I watched some tennis matches, although I lowered the volume, I heard some fuzzy sounds in my head.

I lay down and dozed off, when I woke up the tennis match was almost over.It was time for lunch, the very word food made me nervous, I knew I’d be taxing  left side of my mouth if I tried to eat solid food.I was trying to think what could I safely eat to prevent pain then recalled  my daughter bought some pudding, there were  two kinds, Tapioca and Chocolate. I tried the first one, it was all right, there was no need to chew, the pain still warning me not to indulge in too much food.  My head was giving me a very different message, ‘eat something or you’ll faint.’

This tug of war between food and pain continued until my daughter returned, I complained about pain, she reminded me to take two Advil, well I must admit it’s a miraculous pain killer, I swallowed two and in fifteen minutes the pain was gone. By the way this is not a jingle for Advil, this is how things went during this long painful day.

I forgot to mention I had an appointment with a gentleman who came to my house to discuss certain things, it was done in an hour,  he left and I tried to do the assignment again, but failed.

It was a rough day, I could accomplish hardly anything. In the assignment yesterday I had the option of writing a fifty word or a hundred word story or a Haiku. I picked Haiku, three lines 5-7-5 syllables it’s doable I thought, which is what my mind permitted me  to do.

For supper I was craving for some spicy food with rice which was in my fridge, I warmed it up mashed it and ate, it felt so good.

In the evening I watched my favorite show Jeopardy for half hour, got ready for bed, that’s about it for, ‘my recreate a single  day,’ for today.

…………………………….. 🙂

#Everyday Inspiration, Day Twelve: Critique a Piece of Work

Day Twelve: Critique a Piece of Work

It was not easy to find something to write on this assignment, I thought about books, movies or a piece of artwork, none of them satisfied me as I thought how much do I know about them.

I Thought of writing about a book, as I had read so many past five months. It was difficult to pick which one. Rather than waste time because I’m already late, I went to the WordPress resource page. One that caught my attention is Pet Adoption.

As I know what one goes through when deciding to adopt a pet, I felt I have more knowledge of pet adoption, than any other topic.

Two years ago we adopted two felines from the same litter, actually we planned to get one, but when we noticed the poor feline was very lonely, we bought the other one from the same litter. When the second one came the first one was very happy.We named them Gabriel and Raphael. While these felines are fun to have around, they make our going out of town challenging. We are opposed to putting them in the kennels in the city, we have seen some, how they take care of them is terrible.

We had three felines before these two, we used to leave them in the kennel, when we went on vacation, they put them in cages, have a piece of plastic litter pan which is no larger than a a foot in length and the width maybe six inches. I was sure our cats could not use these litter pans, then the question  is how do they use these pans, if not what do i.e the workers do  to take care of it.

Our previous felines were scared when we took them to the kennels, which proved they were mishandled.

At present we have two they are a Siamese. We have managed to find friends who took care of them while we were out of town. This we find  is increasingly difficult. This is one of the drawbacks of adopting pets.

We love them, they are good company but they can be very destructive, they have torn the tablecloths on the dining table, broken table lamps and never stop doing evil things, I wonder is it our fault, we did not discipline them. So shall we consider, the maxim, ‘spare the rod spoil the felines’ or ‘spare the water bottle ruin the felines.’IMG_0857the siamese breed


#Everyday Inspiration, Day Eleven: A cup of Coffee

Day Eleven : A cup of coffee

“A Virtual Coffee Date,”

If we were having coffee right now, I’d tell my daughter stories of my childhood and my naughty brothers, first I’d let her get some coffee and a piece of that delicious cake which only exists in, ‘Second Cup.’

I will tell her a few anecdotes about how we were when we were little. I’d tell her about my two older brothers who  sneaked  into the pantry to  steal food one day. They hid behind the door of the pantry, and waited for our servant to lay the cooked food on the table. Once the food was  laid on the table and the servant left,they  tip-toed in  and grabbed some food. They didn’t have time to eat because my other brother who I thought  was coming for the same reason  changed his mind when he saw them,  instead he grabbed their hands  and marched off with them to show my mother what those two were up to.

Mom was not finished cooking yet she was in the  kitchen, when she turned around she saw  the three of them, two of them with their hands full of food.Mom figured out by seeing two of her sons with  food and the third one,  bringing them  with their wrists tied, the scene was comical. My  mom  knew what had happened, she nearly passed out  laughing. I watched the whole thing and could not believe mom did not punish them. 🙂

……………………………………. 🙂



#Everyday Inspiration,Day ten: Let the scene write itself

Day Ten: Let the scene write itself

My post, “On Location”

Today is Sunday, my neighborhood looks very quiet. No vehicles of any kind is seen, there are no animals or birds, looks as if everyone in my neighborhood is on vacation.

I’m watching Nature from my window in my bedroom, the tree is not clothed yet, why is the delay I do not understand, maybe it’s always like this, at this time of the year, I just didn’t pay attention.

The grass is starting to peek its head from the ground, they are not showing simultaneously but in small fractions. The sky is covered with grey clouds reminding me the air is cold. Why not I say, it’s St John’s and summer always drags its feet to show up here.

There is some stagnant water on the driveway, it’s from the rain which comes and goes not knowing when to stop. The lawn has a musty smell, there are no flowers to spread their scent on our lawn.

I can also see my next door neighbor’s gray roof, waiting to feel the cool rain water, which is threatening to fall at any time.

Moving on to the other side, I see my friend’s house the drapes are drawn, I have no idea if she is in or out. Her next door neighbors on both sides are probably home eating supper or watching TV.

My neighbor across the street has planted perennials which are already in full bloom, making his back lawn look gorgeous. I wonder why my perennials are taking longer to show up, the weather in both our places is  the same. Why is Nature showing favoritism? This is all I can see right now in my neck of the woods.

………………………………………… 🙂

#Everyday Inspiration, Day Eight : Reinvent the letter format

Day Eight: Reinvent the Letter Format

Today I will write a note to myself, it’s a long time coming, here it goes:

Dear Me,

I think the time has come to set things straight about yourself. You have a habit of giving up on things, whether they are people or just pure worldly things. You have a lot of grievance how things are not the way you want to be. Who hasn’t everyone does, so start with a clean slate. Get into the habit of visiting other blogs, leave your comment, if you don’t hear from them, don’t worry. There will be some who either do not have the time or just plain overwhelmed with the load of work, give them a break. Move on do the same with other bloggers, there are some nice ones out there waiting to know you. Take the opportunity read their post, leave an encouraging comment get the ball rolling pretty soon there will be a lot of bloggers who’d love to interact with you.

Take the advice of Leslie, Marianne and others, who are trying to tell you to come out of your shell, introduce yourself to other bloggers, write some encouraging comments on their blog.

You are doing some amazing things like taking part in the Limerick Challenge, it makes you think, and the time you spend doing it is well spent. I’m sure Rashmi loves reading your limericks, you should read all the limericks of the participants, believe me there is a lot to learn from them. Be active make yourself visible, soon you will have plenty of followers.

What happened to the,”Bloggers World?”. I thought you joined it, but there is nothing from you on that site lately. Yes you recommended some books, then again you should have found out where to post it, you didn’t, therefore you got no feedback, oh you did get one.

I think this would help change your attitude.

Best wishes to you.

It’s me writing to myself 🙂

………………………………………. 🙂


# Everyday Inspiration, Day Seven: Let Social Media inspire you

Instead of the tweets I’ve selected ,”Good Reads Popular Quote.”

Here Is the one I always liked.

” If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.”__ Mark Twain

I believe in this quote, many a time I’ve had the occasion to catch the person who is lying. This happened more than I care to count.

My Mom once asked me how do you know this person lied to you. My answer was, “her story changes every time she talks.”

A liar can never remember what he/she said the first time.

………………………………………….. 🙂

Everyday Inspiration, Day Six: The Space to Write

Day Six: The Space to Write

In my house my bedroom is the  place where I feel comfortable. I have a small desk where my computer is placed. Besides this desk there is another one, here I pile up most of my books.

Right in front of my bed I have a small TV, I take my breaks from writing by watching a half to one hour of TV. It breaks the monotony of staring at my laptop for an hour. I have an attached bathroom, which helps. Everything I need is in this room. The only thing not in my room is the kitchen. I go to the kitchen to eat or drink water. The  beverage I prefer is tea, this I  drink once a day.

I am comfortable in my room.I know where everything is, it’s easy to start working anytime. I do my work  during the day, I’m unable to work at night, my eyes get too tired and I also am unable to work, because I doze off.

I’m not fond of coffee it keeps me up even if I drink it in the middle of the day.

I did think of going to the coffee shop to do my work, a  lot of people do. I tried once and failed, therefore I stick to my bedroom.

………………………………….. 🙂

Everyday Inspiration: Hook ‘Em With a Quote

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”__ Bernard M. Baruch

I try to be me all the time, regardless of what people think. I never hesitate to let my feelings known, it doesn’t matter what kind of  reaction I  get from people around me, I speak my mind; some may like it, others may not. I know no matter what I do or say I’ll never please everyone, therefore it is wise  not to  try.

It reminds me of a story I read about a man, his son and his donkey. He listened to all the people who passed him by, each group had a different opinion, he tried to do as he was told, in the end he lost his donkey.

These are stories that tell us we must not listen to other people’s opinion, if we do we’ll be a loser in the end.

…………………………….. 🙂