Everyday Inspiration, Day Eighteen: A Series of Anecdotes

Day Eighteen : A Series of Anecdotes

Build a narrative of your personal growth!

You may never believe this, but I do not recall having birthday parties for me or any of my siblings. I have scattered recollection of anecdotes before age seven. One day my friends who were sisters, introduced me to their cousin, she was older than us.

They pointed at me and said : ‘You know they are Muslims.’

You may never believe what the cousin said : ‘You must never talk like this about anyone!’

You may never believe when I was seven, our neighbours raised their head from the wall that separated our houses, it was a warning: ‘Leave the house now, the riot has begun.’

You may never believe, all of us walked out of the house with a small suitcase, there were no clothes in it,  the suitcase had Mom’s Holy Quran and other religious books.

You may never believe the words from a man on a bike, he noticed the door of the house open: He screamed, ‘Loot the house, loot the house.’

Further down the road, some men smiled and said, ‘Where are you going?’

We continued our journey, stopped at a place which seemed safer, where my Dad hired a few horse driven carriages. We stopped in front of red Fort, where there were tents, the staff told us to make ourselves comfortable in one of them.

You may never believe we spent two days in the tent. on the third day we found out we’d go to the train station for our  journey.

There was a lot of shooting between the Indian army and those who wanted to stop the train. We managed to go forward until we reached the border. There we met a lot of smiling faces, who gave us water and food.

You may never believe we stayed in the train station for the night. Early morning  a man took us  to another platform, where waiting for us was a train ready to take us to our destination.

You may never believe I never had a birthday, I did not know what birthday parties look like. I sure had the darkest experience of riding a train where any time we’d face death!

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Everyday Inspiration,Day Seventeen: A Map As Your Muse

Day Seventeen : A Map As Your Muse

This is the image of part of my backyard. as you can see the grass is green, it means it’s summer there are some perennial flower plants on the left. When  we bought the house, there were no plants, all of it was grass. It was difficult to mow this part, so I suggested perhaps it’s easier to take care of the plants. We got help to remove the grass and dig the spot to get ready for the perennials.

In the front of our house we have a row of  thorny hedge, whoever planted them was thinking of keeping the prowlers out of the property, I think.

This image only shows snow bank  now, it’s winter it came with a bang, blizzard which caused people to get their shovels and get some long-awaited exercise!

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Everyday Inspiration, Day Sixteen: Mine Your Own Material

Day Sixteen Mine Your Own Material

The Things We Leave Behind!

Perhaps there are many other things, I miss . But the house in this picture is one I cannot forget. 

It had everything I liked, everything on the same floor, kitchen, dining room and bedrooms.

Besides the school where I taught was five minutes walk from my house. My children grew up here, they had no problem going to school, the community was safe. We knew our neighbours what more can any one want. Yet a time came when we had to leave this place. 

With heavy heart we left this place,

Hoping we’ll find something by God’s Grace.

It never happened which I regret,

Now I sit here and wonder,

If this is how life makes me ponder!

…….……………………………. 🙂

Everyday Inspiration,Day Fifteen: Take a Cue From Your Reader

Day Fifteen: Take A Cue From Your Reader

I had one request, he asked me to write an anecdote.

This is a true story: One year I went To Chicago with my kids, one was a little over three years old and the second one was not quite two. 

My husband was sick with a terrible backache, he was unable to move. His brother who lives in Chicago, wanted us to go  see his little infant. I was reluctant to leave my husband by himself and go with our little kids. 

My spouse the eldest brother, felt it was his duty to go. After some discussion I agreed, little did I think how will I manage this task. 

When the plane landed at O’ hare airport, it was past 10:30 PM, Gander time. My kids were fast asleep on the seat. I shook my three-year old, she woke up immediately. The younger one didn’t move. I hesitated help from anyone. The passenger at the back said, ‘looks like you need help.’

I looked at him and nodded, he came forward, carried her out of the plane and waited for me. 

My brother-in-law came to receive us, he was surprised to see his niece in a stranger’s arm. 

He asked me, ‘looks like Anita, but who’s the gentleman carrying her?’

‘It’s a passenger, he took pity on me and asked if he can help.’

Two weeks later we were flying back to Gander, on the way we had a stop over in Montreal. Next day I had my luggage ready for our friend to give us a ride to the airport. 

I put my luggage in a cart and wheeled it in front of the Air Canada counter, the line was long. My friend said, ‘I will take care of the kids while you’re checking in.’ 

Moments later my friend was back with my older kid, ‘where is Anita I asked?

‘I don’t know, ‘ she said, ‘wasn’t she with you?’

“No.’ I said in panic.

I stepped back a few feet from the line, I saw Anita running, I ran as fast as I could  and picked her up in my arms, the escalator down was  a  yard or two away. I thought I’d lose my balance, checked myself and started walking. I forgot to pray or thank God for His help!

…….……………………………………. 🙂



Everyday Inspiration, Day Fourteen : Recreate a Single Day

Day Fourteen; Recreate a Single day

How I Spent Two Hours Of This Morning

I opened my eyes when the clock struck six,

I didn’t  know what kind of breakfast I’ll fix.

There was the usual butter toast and tea,

Isn’t there something else waiting for me?

I had breakfast  and opened the computer,

Waiting for me was the day’s writing, oh dear.

 What can I write was my question,

Write about the little girl I made my decision.

The doorbell rang I hastened to the door,

Waiting with a package was the mailman I adore.

Thank you so much I said, Mr. Mailman,

You’re right on time my favourite mailman.

Thus ended the two hours I gave myself,

I’m so glad now I can put my books on the shelf!

…….…………………………………. 🙂




Everyday Inspiration, Day Thirteen: Play With Word Count

Day Thirteen : Play With Word Count

100-Word True Story

It was a Friday afternoon, my little student said, ‘Look Miss What I got from the library.’

I saw two cook books, I replied: ‘Can you cook, you’re nine years old?’

‘Yes Miss,’ she said.

Monday morning I was in my class waiting for the kids, suddenly I heard, ‘Teacher, Lucy is dead.’

‘No,’ I said.

Both boys spoke in unison, ‘her next door neighbour, killed her for the paper money she collected for her brother.’

I sat in my chair, thinking how proud she felt she’d cook for her family!

………………………………….. 😦


Everyday Inspiration, Day Twelve: Critique a Piece of Work

Day Twelve: Critique a Piece of work



All sorts of pies and pastries are on display here.

I could not find a piece of work to critique. I looked at some desserts I cooked a while ago and this thought came to my mind, the top two dessert is my creation, the bottom is all sorts of pies created by a restaurant in Montreal. 

Keeping in mind I’m not an experienced cook, my dessert  looks pretty good, if I compare with the  pies by an expert!

…….……………………………. 🙂


Everyday Inspiration, Day Ten: Let the Scene Write Itself

Day Ten : Let the Scene write Itself

Let the Scene Write Itself

The Grounds Of Holy Cross College, Dhaka, Bangladesh

It’s a black and white image, therefore, it’s not easy  to see where this picture is taken. The person is sitting on the lawn of the college. It’s green, there is the background of a part of the wall of the college.

Behind the subject there is a narrow lane for the students to walk, walking on the grass is forbidden.

There are a few trees around, there is one, very popular because of its tasty fruit.

The students sit on the lawn when the nuns aren’t around.

…….………………………… 🙂