Everyday Inspiration, Day Nine: Writing and Not Writing

Day Nine: Writing and Not Writing

I could not figure out who I can pair up with to interview. I took the easy way out, I wanted to go in a different direction. 

A true story of one of my college days. It was a hot sunny day I and three of my residence mates, planned to go to watch a movie. We were given permission by our teacher Sr. Joseph Mary. There was one condition, we must have a chaperone with us. Haseena one of the girls said her aunt will go with us.  

We dressed up, waited near the gate for the aunt, it was getting late and we were restless, soon the aunt sent a note saying, she was unable to go, something important has come up.

This was something we did not expect,  the girl whose aunt let us down, said: let’s go anyway, the teacher won’t know if we kept quiet about this, we looked at each other and agreed, it’s not a problem.

Since we were not quite sure about the fourth girl, we asked her if it was okay with her. She also agreed. 

We got out and were walking along the road in search of a baby taxi(this is what they’re called), when suddenly a gentleman popped out of nowhere and offered to give us a ride, he was a stranger we never saw. 

Immediately I said, ‘No thank you.’

We continued walking until we stopped a taxi to take us to the movie hall. Everything went well, we watched the movie, were back in residence without any trouble.

Minutes later fourth girl came back and said, ‘Sister Joseph Mary wants to see you one at a time.’

At once we three said , ‘Why?’

The girl  cried and said, ‘Sister Joseph Mary asked me how was the movie? I felt guilty, started shaking, the teacher told me to calm down and tell her what happened. I told her we went without the chaperone.’

We faced the teacher one at a time, it was my turn, ‘Chaman, why didn’t you tell ?’ Asked the teacher.

I didn’t have a ready-made answer, I said, ‘I was afraid you’d get angry.’

We assembled  in the auditorium with rest of the residents, Sister Joseph Mary scolded us in front of the other girls, we felt bad but afraid to ask Haseena why  she did such a thing!

…….…………………………….. 😦


Everyday Inspiration, Day Eight: Reinvent the Letter Format

Day Eight : Reinvent the Letter Format

Dear Aunt Bela,

It was a long time ago we the siblings came for a visit to  our grandparent’s house in Cheora. Though our grandparents passed away, we found you in the house. 

I asked you, Bela Auntie, how many children do you have?

You replied: I have two a boy and a girl. The girl is only a few months old.

I said: Auntie can I see the baby?

You told me I can she is in the bedroom.

I ran to see her, she was lifting one leg and then the other, she did not know who I was, but quietly played in her cradle. I thought she was so quiet, did not cry at all, even though I was a  complete stranger.

Everyday I went to the kitchen to watch you cooking, suddenly you said: Ranu it’d be so nice if someone invented a pill we could swallow instead of eating plate full of food which took so much time to cook and we ate it so quickly. Then had to wash the dishes. 

I laughed and told you, yes it’s simple, but we are humans we want to get the aroma of  food and chew and swallow it to get the taste. No auntie I don’t think your wish can be fulfilled.

We left after two months, I loved seeing you and your little girl and told my friends about our vacation.

I wanted to see you again, but couldn’t I was teaching in a school, you came to our house in Comilla, you told my mom you will visit again to see me.

Unfortunately it never happened, you suddenly passed away. 

I hope you are in heaven and do not have to cook anymore.

I love you Auntie Bela, may you rest in peace!

Your niece Ranu

…….……………………………….. 🙂



Everyday Inspiration,Day Seven: Let Social Media Inspire You

Day Seven: Let Social Media Inspire You

Tweet __ two

Blue Marten


In our universe a star explodes and dies every single second and there’s you, worrying about work tomorrow.

I think a star explodes and dies every single second is, Natures way of controlling over-population.

I have to worry and work diligently, so my place will not go to someone else.

…….……………………… 🙂

Everyday Inspiration,Day Six: The Space to Write

Day Six: The Space to Write

When I write I look for a quiet place. My bedroom fits the description. I need a notebook to write  what my assignment is. I then start writing. I need a few things, my laptop, a pen, and my TV in the background, I put it on mute, the continuous repetition of the weather annoys me. 

Why do I have it on? To check the weather forecast  if I feel like going out for a few minutes. Unfortunately past few days the weather is not fit to go anywhere. 

In a way it’s good I can concentrate on the assignment.

I of course need a decent chair to sit on, light because outside is dark, I do hope the rough weather will not cause power failure. These are some things that can motivate my writing.

Readers when writing your comment, please add a few lines to let me know what do you like me to write in the future? Thank you all.

…….…………………………………… 🙂



Everyday Inspiration, Day Five: Hook ‘Em With a Quote

Day Five: Hook ‘Em With a Quote

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.____ Bernard M. Baruch

I chose Bernard M. Baruch’s quote, it makes me feel, there is someone out there who inspires me to speak my mind.

My mom always told me  I was too outspoken. I tried to convince her, I don’t like to pretend who I’m not.

Her words of wisdom was: ‘people will dislike you, they’ll ostracize you.’

When my mom was trying to change me, I wasn’t aware then that there was someone who wanted us  to say what we  feel. I did face criticism for speaking my mind, some gave me a weird look, but there were others who  liked the way I am because I did not pretend.

………………………………………. 🙂







Everyday Inspiration,Day 4: A Story in a Single Image


Day Four: A Story in a Single Image

Imagine this is Heathrow Airport in London, England, I am the passenger waiting to board an Air Canada flight to Montreal, Canada. It is 8am, I went to the counter, handed my passport, ticket and was about to put my luggage, when the man at the desk said, ‘stop me darlin, your flight is at 10 pm, not am, I’m afraid I can’t check you in this early.’

My brother and his wife said, ‘Let’s go back home, we’ll come back at the right time.’

I was both embarrassed and guilty, I opted to stay at the airport and wait all those hours, rather than go back with my brother and his wife. My sister-in- law tried to convince me it was way too long to wait at the airport. I disagreed and they reluctantly left and I felt relieved.

I found a spot at the airport lounge, took a seat and watched passengers coming in and departing. the first few minutes were magical, all these people speaking languages, I did not understand, but I wasn’t bored or unhappy, it was the first time in my life I was stuck in an airport, I was determined to enjoy the experience.

The next hour I got up with my cabin luggage and went to get some food, the place I chose was, ‘EAT,’ they had fast foods galore, I  picked something that would not disturb my digestive system. Found another place to sit and chomped my food.

I spent eight hours watching, walking, at times eating, finally the dreadful hours came to a screeching halt with  the announcement: ‘Air Canada flight to Montreal is boarding.’

These were the sweetest words I heard after so many hours of waiting. 

It taught me a lesson, check the time of my flight before I dash my way to the Airport.    

……………………………………. 🙂 

Everyday Inspiration, Day Three: One-Word Inspiration


One-Word Prompt: Home

When I hear the word Home,

Instantly I see children roam.

There is music in the air,

little voices  singing  have no care.

Mama darling is busy cooking,

Delicious dishes everyone likes eating.

aroma of the food is out of this world,

the spaghetti is quietly making a swirl.

I remember, no one  cooks like our mom,

When school is out we can’t wait to be Home,

So sweet is the word Home!

…….……………………………… 🙂

















Every Day Inspiration, Day Twenty: Wrap it UP

Day Twenty : Wrap it Up

I enjoyed writing all the assignments. I learned a lot. I found Day Eighteen Challenging, I selected, “Twelve Ways of looking at water.”

I was able to write twelve different anecdotes, whether I did it the right way, I have no idea.

I skipped day nineteen, I could not think whom I can get to interview. Some of my followers only click the like button, this does not give me any idea, whether I can approach them for an interview.

I enjoyed writing the assignments, it made me think seriously what to write. This is a major improvement for me.

Thank you WordPress for this course.

………………………………………. 🙂

Everyday Inspiration, Day Eighteen : A Series of Anecdotes

Day Eighteen : A Series of Anecdotes

“Twelve Ways of Looking at Water.

1) Years ago I remember travelling on a train to go to Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The compartment was full of people, we were quiet, because making any kind of noise was harmful for all of us. Suddenly I was very thirsty, I asked Mom for water, she said, she forgot to carry water. For some reason the train stopped at a deserted place, where I saw a dog bathing in a puddle of water. I was thirsty it didn’t matter if it was dirty water, I agreed to drink it, someone I cannot recall who, got off the compartment with a little glass to get water for me. The water was muddy, the color was reddish, I drank it and did not ask for it any more.

11) My Dad took us to Bangladesh for two months. We stayed at our maternal Grandpa’s house. Grandpa had a large pond,  we used to go on the shallow waters for hours, one day my cousin asked my sister to go over to the cleaner water, this spot was deeper, my sister could not control  herself and almost drowned, thanks to my mother who saved her. We were not allowed to go near the pond, the fun was over.

111)  I got an opportunity to visit Malta for teaching practice in Valetta, Malta. While there my friends and I  were invited to go for  a ride on  a speedboat to visit the ‘Sixth Fleet’, anchored on the Mediterranean sea. It was a rough ride, I was dizzy I could not lift my head to see the rough waves of the sea. The captain of the boat apologised, ‘I’m so sorry,’ he said, ‘You did not enjoy the ride.’

1V)   I went to my husband’s home in the village, it was surrounded by water. On my first day I was very nervous when I had to ride on a rowboat, it was the only way to visit the village.

V)   I taught in a residential school in Dhaka city for two and a quarter years. It was a boys’ school, I was in charge of seventy-five of them, ranging from five to twelve years. One day a group of boys started water fight while bathing, the water flowed out of the bathrooms to the verandah. There were two boys who went crazy, they slipped, bumped into each other, one of them lost two front teeth. The staff called the Principal, he came  right away, he asked me where  was I, what was I doing. I said, ‘I was in my room resting.’

A few weeks ago I gave him my resignation letter. He quietly left, but did show his temper with the ward boys.

V1) Our felines, Gabriel, Raphael, and Sophie love drinking water from the fountain, this love is not extended to taking a bath with water. If they are a nuisance we use our spray bottle to discipline them. You have to spray Raphael several times to stop his bad behavior, Gabriel runs when he sees the bottle, you do not have to spray him, but Sophie she is so scared she runs away when she sees a bottle in my hand.

V11)   Everyone told me I must learn swimming,I tried for a few months. I learned to put my face on the water in the pool and hold my nose and wet my whole body, this is it, people like me will never learn to swim.

V111) Once in Bangkok I wanted a drink of water, ‘which one is it’,  he said ‘carbonated or plain.’

I had no idea which, I asked my husband, with a  broad grin on his entire face, he said, ‘Carbonated.’ I bought two bottles for us, my husband drank his in a jiffy.

I took one sip screwed my face and yelled, ‘you like this?’

1X)   I was making soup for supper, I put enough water so the meat would come off the bones, when I went back to the kitchen, I got a foul smell, there was no water and the bones burned.

X)  I asked my friend to make lentil soup how much water I should use, she said, ‘just guesstimate it, it’d be fine.’

X1) The lesson I learned from that experience is, ‘if you cannot guess, do not leave the kitchen.’

X11) I’m so excited this is my twelfth one, I Wonder why Samuel  Taylor Coleridge said, ‘Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.’ If there was water all around him why couldn’t he take a handful and drink it, provided he was riding a boat. Perhaps he was on an  airplane  circling the Pacific Ocean, which will make sense if that is where he was, of course he couldn’t get a handful of water if his plane was circling the sky. How silly of me!

……………………………………… 🙂



Everyday Inspiration, Day Seventeen: Map as Your Muse

Day Seventeen: Map as Your Muse

Inspiration Poem

Standing tall is this grey house,

No one fears not even a mouse, 

I know why he wanted to buy it

 Because school is so close to it

It’s a lame excuse I forcefully said,

Don’t argue with me he turned red

We spend money to get it fixed

My attitude is completely mixed

I try to look at a brighter side

It’s a stone’s throw from the mall

If I’m bored I’d make  a quick call

My friend who’s like a doll

She says Mary don’t worry,

We’ll open a stall and sell curry!

…………………………………. 🙂