Daily Prompt :Expectation

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Expectation

Here in Newfoundland I’d say I always rely on the meteorologist about his weather prediction. In my mind it’s his job to give us accurate weather prediction especially in winter. Whether the weatherman has fulfilled my expectation of him I’d say yes .

I therefore tried to find out from one of them, what tools he uses to make his forecast. He says they use different tools to measure atmospheric conditions that occurred in the past and present. They apply this information to create educated guesses about the future weather. They remind us that meteorologists and mankind in general cannot control the weather.

The best they can do is observe past and present data, and apply this information to what they think will happen in future.

I guess a lot of learning takes place to predict the weather and the rest of us see the end results.

A while ago the weatherman did not have such sophisticated tools as they have now, therefore their predictions were always made fun of. For instance if they said the day would be sunny, the newspaper cartoon would show a man entering the house,  his clothes soaked in rain. Those were the days  we didn’t have  high expectation of the weatherman’s forecast.

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DP Daily Prompts: The Object of My Dejection

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Tell us the Object of Your Dejection– something you made, a masterpiece unfinished , or some sort of project that failed to meet your expectations.What did you learn from the experience? How would you do things differently next time?

My dejection is entirely different than the question asked. So far I did not make anything, there is no unfinished masterpiece, or no project undone by me, I didn’t start one.

Here is my reason for dejection, I bought a book which I should have completed reading at least a month ago, I haven’t, I am not even close to finishing it, I’ve only read a few chapters.

What’s wrong the book is boring, I still attempted to read it, I’ve already bought the book. I’ve tried to read at least four or five chapters at a time, I ended up reading only a few pages. It’s a peculiar problem I’m having, as soon as I start reading it, I feel extremely sleepy, I close the book and try to sleep I do not feel sleepy anymore.

The book itself has failed to meet my expectation, I’ll have to start reading it again today, let me see what happens.

How will I do things differently next time? I will read a few pages of the book in the store before I buy it, it might work.