Daily Prompt : Profuse

In response to prompt : Profuse

Few years ago I tried to open a beef can which had a key attached to open it. As I was turning it broke, I could only open half of the lid.  Without thinking I  tried to pull it with my thumb, it made a deep gash on my thumb, which caused profuse bleeding, I could not stop it  with  tissues.

In the beginning I thought of not telling my husband, who I knew would be upset with me. When the bleeding didn’t stop, I told my husband when he came home. He removed the bunch of tissues and said, ‘The wound is too deep,  I’ll have to stitch it in the hospital.’

Before this I didn’t know how painful  stitching a wound is. I went to the hospital , I told my husband, ‘get someone else to stitch it.’

Even though my husband was an eye surgeon.

He took me to another doctor to do the job. While stitching he asked my husband, ‘Why didn’t you stitch it?’

He said, ‘my wife is afraid!’

………………………………… 🙂