365 Writing Prompt: Earworm

Write whatever you normally write about, and weave in a book quote, or song, lyric that’s been sticking with you this week.

I normally think about poets and their poetry. This morning I was thinking about the little boy who was told by his father not to leave the deck  before he returns.

The poem was titled,”Casabianca” by Felicia Hemans.

I remember we had to memorize this poem and recite in front of our class. This was one of my favorite poems, I loved the rhyming and more so the story of the faithful son who did not leave the deck without his father’s permission.It is a sad poem but I admire the boy’s determination to stay and not leave even though the deck was burning.

The verse I liked the best is:

And shouted but once more aloud,

“My father must I stay Stay?”

While o’er him fast , through sail and shroud

The wreathing fires made way.


DP Daily Prompt:Imperfection Posted by Ranu

Imperfection is something common in all of us,sports,studies, music etc..I do not think  I  was perfect in any of these.I would therefore relate a story of my brother. He was the best student in his class.He did well in all the subjects.His name was the first one in the teacher’s register.

In the last  high school exam ,he hoped to get the top marks and remain number one in the register.Before he left to go to school he asked me to pray for him,so that he is not second. When he didn’t come home right away,I was concerned,maybe it’s bad news.I tried hard not to think,but I couldn’t stop. Hours later he came home, his friends brought him home.He came into his room and lay down in his bed,he cried like a baby.It took three days to get over his disappointment. To him this was a deep scar in his progress report.His classmate didn’t score big,he only got one mark more than him. I felt my brother would finally learn to take this kind of disappointment bravely. This tiny imperfection made him human.I was happy  that he in future years,will learn from this. I always cherished this scar of his. It was the kind of lesson,he needed to learn.”They say failure is the pillar of success”.