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In our house the music we loved to hear were, Hindi and Bengali songs. We learned to listen and appreciate the gifted singers. There were many.

The following are my favorite songs one in Hindi and one in Bengali.

The first song is in Bengali(my mother tongue)

Bengali translation by Ranu:

when my footsteps are no longer visible,

I won’t row my boat on this shore

I will complete buying and selling

My visits to this wharf will stop

you need not remember or

look at the stars and call me

when dust accumulates on

the strings of my musical instrument

prickly thorn would cover my doorway

you need not remember or call me

the flute will sound the same

you need not remember

or call me then

The flower garden will be covered

with weeds and tall grass

You need not remember or call me then

The large pond will be

encircled with moss

The wharf will be filled with boats

as it is now

At that time who will

say I am not there

in the morning

I will participate in

all the games

I will have a new name

I will play with my new friends

I will come and

go as usual

You need not

remember me or call me

when my footsteps

are no longer visible

in this market.

The following is a Hindi song: translated by Ranu

There will be no shortage

of fairs in this life

we will not be sorry

there will be time

when our journey

in this life will end

no one will accompany us

we will go alone

time, day, or season

will be unknown

the world is  a flowing river

our life is just a drop

how important is our life

water will mix with water

resulting in destruction

spring will repeat,

there will be memories

of loves lost

stop and breathe for a moment

the world will remain the same

the confusions of life will continue

the world will remain the same

it will be destroyed and rebuilt

The fairs of life will continue!!