Daily Prompt : FARAWAY

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Today’s prompt is faraway


Rafflesia: wikipedia image

Rafflesia_sumatra.jpg (600×800)Faraway in the land of Malaysia there lived a giant flower named Rafflesia. Everyone was afraid of her because she was tough and was not afraid of anyone.

When, ‘Forget-me -not,’ heard about Rafflesia, she shrugged and said, ‘who cares if this one is huge, I’m not afraid, everyone knows me my name is, Forget me not. No one will ever forget me, she is big but not everyone knows her.’

Rafflesia’s friend Daffodil told her what Forget me not said about her. Rafflesia decided to round up her friends, Marigold, Sun Flower, Rose, Peony and Bougainvillea, together they’d attack them Forget me nots and teach them a lesson that they’d remember as long as they live.

“I have a question, said Rose, how will we teach them  a lesson, do you Rafflesia have a plan?”

“It will take a second or two to make one, she bawled, and I do not want to have weak friends in my group.”

The stage was set, Rafflesia head of her group notified Forget me nots to meet her group in a garden in Indonesia, Malaysia or Thailand.

“Well said Forget me not, I’m sure it’s impossible to go there, I’ll have to call a truce and wave the white flag.”

From that day, Forget me not learned boasting is not a good thing. No one is superior, they are just different!

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Writing Prompt: No, thanks

I wouldn’t like to visit Timbukto, it is supposed to be any remote outlandish place in a faraway country.

I don’t want to end up in a place which no one knows about. There may not be places to see or if there is any ,transportation may not be adequate.

The language might be difficult to understand. Perhaps people are unfriendly they may not want me there.

I am selfish I want to go somewhere I can stay in a comfortable place,eat food that I recognize, talk to people who understand me. Timbukto will be completely different and I am afraid to try new things.