365 Writing Prompts: A bend in time

When you’re giddy with excitement, does time speed up ? Slow down? Tell us about the experience of anticipation.

I had those moments of anticipation more often than I’d care to admit. They were not exactly excitement but were too stressful for me .

I had finished my school final exam. and had to wait a while for the results.I was not waiting for an outstanding result, how could I, I barely spent enough time  studying as others. I was hoping to pass the exam, I knew if I didn’t there was going to be trouble, my brother had already threatened to marry me off to some farmer or anyone of his kind, if I failed.

At fifteen things were looking dismal, and because my father passed away my elder brother was the head of the family, failure would mean I’d be at the mercy of my brother.

The day of the result arrived, our roll numbers would be out in the morning news paper i.e. of those who passed. I didn’t forget to say my morning prayer that day, I knew if I asked God to help me, He would.

The moment I heard the bicycle bell of the delivery man my heart beat faster, “please God I said let me cross this hurdle, I will study hard if I passed.”

The results were out on the front page my younger brother was jumping with joy, I’m not sure what he was thinking I was terrified, I opened the newspaper, the first page was filled with roll numbers of candidates who passed in the first division, I went on to the second page, after going through a whole bunch of numbers, I saw mine, tears rolled down my cheeks as I said,”Mom I passed.”


DP Daily Prompt: Success Post by Ranu


London (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

I was not a very confident person from my childhood. I lost my father when I was twelve .We moved to my mother’s homeland.I’m calling it my mother’s, I could not quite understand the difference then. I tried to get admission in an English medium school ,I was unable ,they had up to a certain grade,I was past it. My brother hired a private tutor for me, I did not like the arrangement,I said I could do without one. I studied at home,my big sister gave up, to her I wasn’t spending  much time studying. She regularly gave me assignments which I finished in a few minutes. My elder brother and sister assumed,I was not the material for higher studies,therefore they’ll marry me off to some farmer, where I would be a proper fit.I’d be able to tend his cattle and what have you. It hardly scared me,yes my father passed away at a very young age and it put me in the mercy of my siblings. I did not devote time for studies any longer than usual. In my mind I knew God will not be unfair with me.

I finished school exams privately. I finished college and university successfully. My siblings’ desire to marry me off to a farmer  did not materialize. Then came the challenge,I had applied for a scholarship to study B.Ed. I was never serious in my studies,but pulled through successfully. Applying for a scholarship was indeed a bold attempt on my part. I always gave myself a chance.It certainly did not mean I’d get it. The arrival of the man in uniform gave me hope, it meant I have an interview.Delighted I went for the interview,the way they were asking questions gave me confidence they like me. Surprise,surprise dear siblings ,I got the scholarship.

The next step was two years later I applied for another scholarship to study in London, England. I did not tell my brother or the big sister.I knew they’d make fun of me. Amazingly enough I was selected for an interview,this time I was terrified,all these big shots would ask me questions and my confidence level was an all time low. One of the things I did was not to look at any one of them  There were seven of them,I never saw them in my life. I thought perhaps they were thinking I am a crazy fool to apply for this particular scholarship. My motto was how will I know how capable they think I am if I do not make an effort to prove myself. So these were the two occasions when I tasted success and I was delighted. I didn’t think I stood a chance, but it seems I was an all right candidate.

When I look back I am happy that I didn’t exert too much pressure on myself. Everything turned out well for me,the best part is my brother wasn’t able to marry me off to some farmer to look after his cattle and sheep!

DP Daily Prompt: History Of language ( The third time’s a charm)post by Ranu

There was a poor farmer.He lived alone in a hut made of mud.He was alone,he had to cook for himself. He did not earn enough to hire a maid. He went to the market daily to buy fish.It was cheaper than meat or chicken.It also took minimum time to cook.He had one bad habit .He left his house everyday to play the game of  cards.He made sure the food was cooked before he went to see his buddies.

One day as usual he cooked his meal and went to play with his friends.When he returned he had an eerie feeling something was not right.He immediately checked his food.Sure enough it was gone ,he had no fish that evening.He had to be contented with boiled rice. Next day he went as usual to play,when he came back ,same thing happened, the fish was missing. He was furious and decided to stay back to find  the thief. To his surprise ,he saw a tabby coming in ever so slowly.He was silent, as soon as the cat went for the fish, he caught it. He said out loud,”So you are the thief,who was eating my fish,I will kill you this second”. The way the cat looked at him  softened his heart, he gave up the idea of killing it and let it go. Then he said,”I know why they say third time’s the lucky charm.” I found the thief,when it came the third day and caught it.