Daily Prompt : Captivating

In response to prompt   : Captivating

Sophie’s Captivating eyes!

Our little Sophie has mesmerizing eyes,

Her captivating look is full of surprise.

I know when she folds her paws and looks,

She’s saying, ‘I am hungry, put away your books.’

I am yet to see a similar fascinating feline,

Who uses her eyes to express and doesn’t whine!

……………………………….. 🙂

DP Daily Prompt: Tourist Trap Post by Ranu

Olympic Stadium

Olympic Stadium (Photo credit: caribb)

At the moment my dream destination is Athens, Greece. We have very good friends in Athens. Maria’s husband Demetrios is a physician. He worked in Newfoundland, for  a few years. He moved back to his native country. We exchange Christmas cards,every year. Their daughter writes to me,Maria says she has difficulty with English. Her daughter kindly writes about the family. I am anxious to see them in their familiar surroundings.

I am also keen on taking this trip,because I studied Greek History and am curious to see the places,I’ve read about. The Olympic stadium would be fascinating to see. I have no knowledge of the language,I’m sure I’ll get help from Maria’s kids. It will be fabulous to visit some of the places where Alexander the great moved around.