DP Daily Prompt: The Full Moon Post by Ranu

‘The Full Moon and Me’

I do not change regardless of what kind of moon presents itself. I can make this into a fairy tale. Right now my imagination is taking a break, because of all the times I have taken to use it. Take for example my time in Montreal,I put it through the ringer trying to investigate,what I must do see eat buy . It has co-operated with me for every selfish demands of mine. Now it’s time for it to say,” You know what,slow down dear or I will forever boycott you”, can you fathom how much trouble I am in? Please excuse me this time!

Two Birds by R.Tagore Translated by Ranu

little shag on a perch

little shag on a perch (Photo credit: Brenda Anderson)

A pet Sun Parakeet (also known as a Sun Conure...

A pet Sun Parakeet (also known as a Sun Conure) in parrot cage. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I read this poem, a number of times, I now have reached the conclusion,Tagore’s poem has a deeper meaning

than just, Two Birds living in two different places ,wanting to live together.

Readers, what do you think?

Two Birds    by Rabindranath Tagore

Two birds,living in separate abodes        one in a gold cage

and the other in a forest.

Once upon a time I don’t know how                they met each other,

it is hard to fathom what the  creator  was thinking.

The bird from the forest uttered                      ‘my brother in the gold cage,

let us go to the forest together.’

Bird in the cage said,                                 ‘bird from the forest,come

let’s stay in the cage quietly.’

Bird in the forest replied , ‘ No,

I refuse to be barred in the cage.

Bird in the cage remarked, ‘alas,

how will I go to the forest.

The bird in the forest sings                            perched outside

all the songs of the forest,

bird in the cage repeats                          everything by rote___

they  spoke  two different languages.

Bird from the forest announced          ‘brother in the cage,

sing a forest song!’

Bird in the cage responded,                ‘my brother of the forest,

let’s learn the song of the cage.’

The bird from the forest answered,  ‘No,

I don’t want to learn  a song that is taught.’

Bird in the cage replied,   ‘Alas,

how will I sing a forest song.’

Bird from the forest announced,                     ‘the sky is deep blue,

I have no barrier ,I am free.’

Bird from the cage said,                                        ‘the cage is neat and clean

it is covered all around.’

Bird in the forest replied,                        ‘set yourself free

and reach the clouds.’

Bird in the cage answered,                ‘in the quiet cozy cage

capture yourself.’

Bird in the forest said,’No,

where will I fly there!’

Bird in the cage replied,     ‘Alas,

where is the place in the clouds to perch!’

The birds,         love each other so much,

still they are unable to stay close to each other.

Between the spaces in the cage               opposite face to face,

they quietly stare at each other.

the two are unable                     to understand each other,

and cannot explain why?

Both alone              flap their wings,

call in a piteous voice,  ‘come closer.’

Bird in the forest cries,      ‘No,

who knows when the cage will be shut.’

Bird in the cage replied,   ‘Alas,

I don’t have strength to fly.’

Deception by R.Tagore, translated by Ranu

Lest you feel I may understand you easily    is this why you  pretend to be what you are not__

outwardly you are a picture of happiness             inside you  are filled with tears.

I understand dear,I understand                            this deception

whatever you want to express                               you refrain from saying.

Fearing that I may grasp you with ease                  you  avoid giving me any clue___

lest I try to include you in a group                             you act indifferent and unfriendly.

I know dear, I know dear                                             your deceptive trick___

the path you would like to take                                   you do not.

You want much more than everyone,                        is this the reason why you leave____

you avoid showing disrespect        is this why you pretend to play and immerse your beggar’s bag?

I fathom,I fathom your                                                                 pretense___

What satisfied everyone                                                                failed to satisfy you.

Daring Deception

Daring Deception (Photo credit: Wikipedia)