365 Writing Prompts: Love to love yourself

What do you love most about yourself ? What do you love most about your favorite person? Are the two connected?

I love everything about myself, I am not selfish, I love children, I love good friends.

I never wanted to be anyone else but me, I am proud of my parents,my mom taught me how to deal with people, she was extremely religious, she pointed out if  I was doing anything wrong. I learned a lot from my mother.

I try to help my friends and family whenever the situation demands.

My favorite person is a very kind, extremely nice individual, we agree with each other, ‘that kindness is never wasted.’

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DP Daily Prompt: Trick Questions

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A Pulitzer–Prize winning reporter is writing an in–depth piece–about you. What are the three questions you really hope she doesn’t ask you?

The three questions I really hope she wouldn’t ask me are: 1. Who is your favorite person?

2. If you had a choice where would you spend

your vacation?

3. How many strange people did you meet in 

your life, who is the one person you liked?

Possible answers: My favorite person changes every second, you can understand why I want to avoid this question.

If I had a choice I’d stay home day and night,watch TV, read a book and catch up on my sleep.

The third question is better than the first two, I meet strange people all the time how can I say how many or if there is one who is my favorite.

The Pulitzer–Prize winning reporter will have to find someone else to answer her questions, I’m certainly not capable of helping her to win another Pulitzer–Prize!

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