Lillie McFerrin Writes

Far in the city of Valetta lived Vanessa,a most ordinary girl, she was quiet and hard-working, her mother always told her to do something that everyone in her friends circle would talk about.

But she was contented and was not keen on getting any kind of fame, to her it makes people think too much of themselves,she simply disliked it.

One day she and her friend Lacy went to an island nearby, they met a family who earned their living by painting,Vanessa had never seen such beautiful painting, she sat next to the painter in the family and asked if she could learn how to paint,the man was delighted and taught her a few techniques.

Vanessa came home and asked her mother to buy her a few things so she could start painting,noticing her interest her mom bought more than the daughter asked for,Vanessa applied the techniques she was taught by the man,at first they were very ordinary painting,no one in her family paid any attention and her friends made fun of her.

Vanessa was disappointed,she went back to the painter,she asked him to teach her to paint like him,her enthusiasm impressed the man, he invited her to take some lessons from him, Vanessa spent hours painting and discarding the ones she didn’t like, one evening she showed her painting to the man to know if she was doing okay, the man couldn’t believe in such a short time she could turn out such a masterpiece, he exclaimed,“Vanessa,this is truly a feather in your cap.”