Three Felines

Welcome, readers; this is my story of our little fussy darlings.

Our three felines are:Sophie top left, Gabriel and Raphael, bottom left. Two felines at the bottom are Siamese. They are from the same litter. Sophie on top is rescued by SPCA. She came to us a year ago.

Lately we are having some uninvited guests, Sophie takes care of them, she’s the leader of the pack and is slowly training Raphael how to get rid of these rodents.

We’ve contacted the right humans to take care of these unwelcome guests. In the meantime our three musketeers are trying to make us feel relaxed by their intervention.

Right now this is all about our felines.

…………………………………. 🙂

Daily Prompt: WHISPER

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Today’s one-word prompt: WHISPER

It’s morning where I live, our felines are napping, so I have to whisper, I do not want them to wake up because our naughty Raphael will make my life very unpleasant. When he’s sleeping, the house is as quiet as a  mouse.

I whisper I walk softly on my toes

Or I’ll have to deal with my felines  woes

When the felines are restless

I am somewhat  helpless

It is way better when I’m on my toes!

…………………………………. 🙂

Daily Prompts: My favorite

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What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favorite person? Tell us about it.

My favorite person in my childhood was my Dad, the times I spent apart from him was when I went to school and my Dad went to work. Besides when he came home, he had to rest and I’d wait for him to relax in our front garden where I’d sit on the grass and talked to him about many things, most of the time it used to be questions, which he’d answer sometimes, other times, he’d read his newspaper, which meant, “Ma I’m busy.”

When he passed away, I had more than one person to spend my time with, they were my siblings.

When I moved to another city to pursue my education, and I was living in a residence, I spent time with my classmates. On weekends I visited my uncle in the city, he was a very nice man, he’d ask me about my classmates, who they were, what did their father do for a living. This question confused me, I told him I didn’t know  anything about their father.

He cautioned me about these mysterious friends, who he thought might not be good for me to hang out with. I found the girls friendly, I was happy I got to spend time with them, it helped me to recover from homesickness which troubled me a lot in the beginning.

Now a days my favorite companion is my book, I spend hours reading it. I only stop when it’s time for my prayer, or to feed the felines or eat when it’s lunch time. Sometimes I spend time away from my book when my eyes start to be painful or when I suddenly feel the need to take a nap.

I was relieved when I finished reading, “Atlas Shrugged,” it was a wrong companion I chose. I’ve learned my lesson, now my book companion will be chosen very carefully.

I’m reading one now, Paulo Coelho is the author. I’ve completed reading more than half of the book. I’ll be ready for the next one hopefully tomorrow.

A book I feel is the type of companion I like, I put it aside when I’m tired, I don’t have to do anything to please it, unlike a real person who can be demanding, who expects me to be pleasant all the time, which is not possible for a human being like me.

………………………… 🙂


Writing 101, Day 1: Magic


Raphael and Gabriel


We got them when

they were a few

weeks old .


Now they’ve grown

up and

are two years old.


They are cuddly

they are lovable

 but not easy to handle.


One morning I was

terrified to hear,

the  felines were busy with their claws.


The sound was no music

to my ears,

I wondered what will they do was my fear.


I soon  discovered a hole

on my box spring,

so this is why they sharpened their claws that morning.


My mind told me to spray water

I thought it will work like magic,

unfortunately   it was a lame  trick.


Then  daughter handed me

a no scratch bottle

it too proved to be awful.


Only yesterday I thought

of a plan,

Why not I use perfume on my stand.


I tell you what

it worked like a charm,

the cats will no longer harm.


My poor box spring

will never go through this ordeal,

for the felines have lost their zeal.


Not even a seasoned magician

will ever think of my magic

how the perfume  from the bottle did the trick!

……………………………………… 🙂

Daily Prompt: My Precious

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Who is the person in your life who can do no wrong ? Describe this person and tell us why you hold this person in such high esteem.

Could there be such a person in anyone’s life who can do no wrong ? I have found no one like that yet.

There are people I know who are extremely nice, who will do anything for you, if you ask, but I cannot for certain say they can do no wrong.

I met a person not too long ago. He came to our rescue when we badly needed someone who could take care of our felines while we were in Montreal for a week.

One thing about him I must admit is  one of our felines loved him so much, he refused to come back with us. His behavior was strange for a week after we brought him, he was not interested to interact with us.

If I were a believer in Spell, I’d say he cast a spell on our cat, but I don’t think so,  or  maybe he treated him like royalty, let him do whatever, including messing up his closet full of clothes.

We do not let him have his way, I spray him when he is unruly and naughty. That person although we provided him with the spray bottle,  never used it. Even felines recognize where they can get away with bad behavior.

All I know about this person is  he helped us out when we were in a tight corner, from this experience can I say he can do no wrong? I simply have no answer, except I admit he is a good soul! 🙂

……………………………… 🙂

Daily Prompt: The Cat Says Meow

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Write a story about yourself from the perspective of an object, thing, animal, or another person.

There are times I think about the two felines, Raphael and Gabriel. We first brought Gabriel to our home, he was a tiny baby scared and insecure, after a week we had a change of heart why not we get his brother from the same family.

After we brought Raphael  Gabriel’s change was unbelievable, he was sure of himself and was not scared at all.

We watched the two of them esp.Gabriel who showed his brother how to climb the stairs. They are a little over a year now. Their personalities are completely different. Gabriel is calm behaves well around us and Raphael is the exact opposite. His temperament is sweet but beneath that is one naughty feline.

I’m wondering what Raphael thinks day after day when I spray him with water for a number of things he does wrong. He chews my books, I spray him with water, he knocks down our pictures he gets sprayed. This morning he is in a sour mood, I found him lying on one of the dining chairs, he did not attempt to come to my room.

He could not help but to come in to my room when the door was open and took possession of my chair where I sit to use my computer.He could not resist the temptation. I stood there looking at him hoping he’d vacate my chair. But he was unconcerned about me. So I sat on the edge of the chair, he moved a bit hoping I’d leave but when I didn’t, he jumped down and went to the dining room I could tell he was disgusted.

I went twice to see where he was, he is  comfortably sitting in front of my sewing machine, perhaps anticipating me coming to drive him out of there. As long as he does not chew the box I’ll let him stay where he is.

Raphael must be sick of not having his way, he I’m sure does not have good thoughts about me. Every time he hears my footsteps he must  think, “here she comes again with her bottle, one of these days I’ll chew that bottle, so she cannot use it against me, you’ll see that day is not too far.”

I can sense what he is thinking I smile and say, “really Raphael you think you can do that, let me see you try!”

…………………………………………… 🙂

Daily Prompt: On the Edge

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We all have things we need to do to keep an even keel–blogging, exercising,reading, cooking. What’s yours?

I need to do all of the above ,plus I have to feed the felines two to three times a day to keep them happy. If I’m slightly late they go after my books, climb the piano to mess up the pictures on the wall, if all these things do not work i.e the food is still delayed, they knock the lamps down, and in their language would look at me with wide eyes and say, “What is wrong with you, did you not get the message yet?

On Tuesdays I collect the garbage to get ready to be picked up on Wednesday. I go for grocery shopping at least once a week, which becomes a headache, the produce look like they’ve waited long enough to be bought, if I’m unable to buy them within two days of their arrival, all I can hope for is half rotten fruits and vegetables.

Their excuse is , because of the distance covered to come to Newfoundland by truck , the produce is not fresh, so we grin and bear it.

There are some local farmers who grow some vegetables that are climate friendly. If one wants to eat vegetables grown in warmer countries they’ll have to be contented with half rotten vegetables.

I’m probably not painting a rosy picture, we’ve grown used to it, we also buy frozen vegetables which look better than the so called fresh ones.


Daily Prompt: A Mystery Wrapped in Enigma

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Tell us something most people probably don’t know about you.

I have two names, one is Ranu which is a nickname, my family members and close relatives call me Ranu. Most of my relatives do not know my second name.

My second name is Chaman, my classmates and my school friends call me Chaman.

I do not have too many friends, because I’m not outgoing. I like spending time at home. I dislike going out in the evening, sometimes I’m forced to go out.

Rice is my favorite food. I love spicy food, I avoid eating bland food.

I love vegetables, but I do not care for fruits.

Among proteins I enjoy any kind of fish. I am not fond of chicken, I eat it. I find chicken tasteless, no matter how many different spices I use to cook it, I do not find it that good. Beef is my favorite meat. I can cook it many different ways.

I love learning languages, lately I haven’t tried to learn a new language. I find Spanish easier to learn than French.

I am very fond of music, my favorite singers are Mohammed Rafi, Lata, Tagore, Talat Mehmood and Celine Dion. Celine is a French Canadian singer, the rest are from India.

My favorite pastime is blogging, reading novels in three languages, the languages are: Bengali(my mother tongue) Urdu I learned to speak, read and write in school . I have tons of novels in English.

Right now I’m reading, “The American Dervish”, I read almost all the books written by Paolo Coelho.

I spend a lot of time with my feline friends : Gabriel and Raphael.

This is all about me.