Intro to Poetry, Day Seven: Flavor

Intro to Poetry, Day Seven: Flavor

I remember reading the quote

“Sharing food with another human being

is an intimate act  that should not be

indulged in lightly.___ M.F.K Fisher

Here is my dinner party fiasco, it happened two weeks ago.

The first thing went wrong was,

I couldn’t find the

cut of beef I wanted.

The butcher announced

there was a shortage,

how can it be it’s always

available? I said.

I decided to cook


it’s okay I told my daughter,

she insisted I make it spicier.

Not just the beef

but the chicken too,

don’t be afraid to add

a lot of, cayenne.

“Too much cayenne,

will make it too hot,”

I declared.

“Don’t worry Mom

they can handle it,”

She said.

I began my cooking

generously adding,

the red powder,

the vegetables met

the same fate.

I kid you not I poured

on, the cayenne, never did

I, think of the consequences.

The food was ready,

we waited

for,the guests, who came

smiling , with boxes of chocolates,

for us.

The table was set,

The food arranged,

it looked presentable

but  was it, eatable is a question,

I did not ask myself?

Soon it became clear

something, was wrong

instead of eating

they were,

drinking water.

I knew then my,

cooking failed.

The guests went


They smiled as they

were leaving

announced, the food was


they were too full and

couldn’t, eat any more!

…………………………………….. 🙂