Daily Prompt: FIGHT

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Write a new post in response to the one-word prompt.

There are so many things we as humans fight about, we fight for our right, we fight for a position in a teaching faculty.

The most trying fight I faced with  was when my sibling whom I sponsored to come to this country  tattled against me, she did it to make me unpopular with my mom, with my siblings. One would think these people would at least ask me if I had done these horrible things she claimed I’ve done to her.

I had the occasion to ask my mother, why she blindly believed her(my Sister),and did not bother to ask me. My mother realized how wrong she was, she could not give me an answer, she only looked at me with a guilty face. When parents take sides against their own children it is very sad.

This was one fight I had to win to help me. I kept all this from my husband about the nasty letter my Mom wrote to me.

Sometimes I feel if I hadn’t tried to be nice to my siblings, I’d be much better off today. 😦

……………………………………… 😦

Daily Prompt: 180 Degrees

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Tell us about a time you did a 180 degrees —changed your views on something , reversed a decision, or acted in a way you ordinarily don’t .

I was watching a ice hockey game. My favorite team was not playing so well in that particular year. Rather than stick to my decision of going for my favorite I changed and rooted for the team I never liked.

I changed my mind because my favorites were playing a lousy game, what was worse they started to fight, which lengthened the game.

I disliked their tactics so I changed and went for the team, who were never my favorite .

………………………….. 🙂

DP Daily Prompt: I Was Here

A chart showing the two handed manual alphabet...

A chart showing the two handed manual alphabet as used in British Sign Language, Australia Sign Language and New Zealand Sign Language (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To my fellow Astronauts: ‘I have arrived on this planet a few days ago. It is uncharted. There are no maps or other ways to know about this planet. I consider myself lucky to have arrived here  first.

There are a lot of things I don’t know. I am not sure if there are any living things here. I find the air very clean. Pollution is an unknown word here.

Wait I spotted some pigeons flying. There must be humans and other animals too. I can see some people coming towards me, I sincerely wish they won’t kill me. Hang on one of them looks very friendly. I’d let you know what he told me, bye for now.

I am back ,read carefully if you want to survive on this new planet, I have located. The man mostly used sign language to tell me about it. I had a hard time understanding, I wish I paid attention to this language when  I was still in school.

This is what I understood,anyone is welcome. No one is allowed to litter. The animals and birds should be left alone. There is plenty of vegetables and fruit to eat. They can explore it, but must not steal or try to fight to conquer their planet.

This is all I found out.  Visitors here should leave their impression about it for future astronauts.

Goodbye,  I hope my note will help you, good luck.’    Ranu