Daily Prompt : Uncompromising

In response to one word prompt  :  Uncompromising

The Indian sub-continent had seen its ups and downs. Under the Moghul Empire they did well. This was not true of the British Empire. They were ruthless and took over the sub-continent with a firm belief it belongs to them and nothing or no one can drive them out.

It took a lifetime for the Indians to gain possession of their country.

It was possible due to the uncompromising  will of the leaders, who never gave up!

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Taj Mahal song in Bengali Translation and post by Ranu

song: Taj Mahal

Music and Lyrics  : Dilip Sarkar

Singer; Mrinal Chakrabarty

On the edge of the river Jumna

lies hundreds of dreams,

the mystery of the white stones

of mortals and immortals.

the pain of separation

and sick at heart.

Taj Mahal,Taj Mahal,

You are a picture

drawn with the paint brush

of a poet.

You have spread your wings

towards the path of heaven.

Today Mumtaz is not here,

Shah Jahan is not here.

Still love casts its ,

soft green shadow.

Taj Mahal,Taj Mahal,

you are an immortal

part of history.

You are standing firm

depicting the memory of

pain and love!