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Nahuatl: Michin.

Nahuatl: Michin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Just a normal first aid bag

English: Just a normal first aid bag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Re_entrant_prayer_rug_Anatolia_late_1...

English: Re_entrant_prayer_rug_Anatolia_late_15th_early_16th_century_reverse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Five items I must have on a deserted island are: food, a warm blanket, first aid kit, flint and steel,a prayer rug and the holy book.

I know water is most important to survive,but if I am on a deserted island,I am assuming there is plenty of water around,I won’t have to worry about water.

Food is necessary,it will not be convenient to carry it with me. I am thinking of catching fish for food.

Shelter is important,I did not list it, I may not find one handy on the island.Next best thing will be a warm blanket when I sleep to keep me warm and cozy.

First aid kit will help in emergency.

Flint and steel is a must for lighting a fire to cook fish I am hoping to catch.

I will need a prayer rug for my daily prayer and the holy book will keep me safe.

English: Cove on Ensay. An almost deserted isl...

English: Cove on Ensay. An almost deserted island on the west of the Sound of Harris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

DP Daily Prompt: Stranger in a strange land Post by Ranu

Llanberis station

Llanberis station (Photo credit: James E. Petts)

Llanberis Castle

Llanberis Castle (Photo credit: Draig)

When I am in a strange land,I am fascinated by their dress,their language and architecture. I am not fussy about their food.I only stick to the food I know. I am always concerned about different types of food. The ingredients,how it is cooked and what it is, especially when it is meat. I have no problem with any kind of fish or vegetables. I do not spend too much time thinking of  the varieties available.I am quite happy to have a burger and move on.

I love watching people wearing their traditional dress,their language and their interaction with strangers. I had a first hand experience when I went to Llanberis for teaching practice.The Welsh are a very friendly bunch of people.Sometimes we spoke to them pretty much using sign language. They do speak English, some don’t.They were the ones I had fun with. We communicated with them despite our lack of knowledge of their language. The children in school were happy to see us. We taught them English.I found them very cooperative.

We saw some old buildings there.Our two week stay there was very productive.

DP Daily Prompt: History Of language ( The third time’s a charm)post by Ranu

There was a poor farmer.He lived alone in a hut made of mud.He was alone,he had to cook for himself. He did not earn enough to hire a maid. He went to the market daily to buy fish.It was cheaper than meat or chicken.It also took minimum time to cook.He had one bad habit .He left his house everyday to play the game of  cards.He made sure the food was cooked before he went to see his buddies.

One day as usual he cooked his meal and went to play with his friends.When he returned he had an eerie feeling something was not right.He immediately checked his food.Sure enough it was gone ,he had no fish that evening.He had to be contented with boiled rice. Next day he went as usual to play,when he came back ,same thing happened, the fish was missing. He was furious and decided to stay back to find  the thief. To his surprise ,he saw a tabby coming in ever so slowly.He was silent, as soon as the cat went for the fish, he caught it. He said out loud,”So you are the thief,who was eating my fish,I will kill you this second”. The way the cat looked at him  softened his heart, he gave up the idea of killing it and let it go. Then he said,”I know why they say third time’s the lucky charm.” I found the thief,when it came the third day and caught it.

The many faces of Mymensingh—Bangladesh

Bengal Tiger

English: Intercity Train Tista Express
English: Intercity Train Tista Express (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
View of Mosque 2

View of Mosque 2 (Photo credit: TushyD)

বাংলাদেশ কৃষি বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের পাশে বয়ে যাওয়...

বাংলাদেশ কৃষি বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের পাশে বয়ে যাওয়া ব্রহ্মপুত্রের শান্ত-সৌম্য সৌন্দর্য (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Boro Masjid

The Boro Masjid (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

RPCL and Brahmaputra river.

Radha Krishna in a temple Mymensingh
Radha Krishna in a temple Mymensingh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Mymensingh TTC (ladies)

Mymensingh TTC (ladies) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Durga Puja in Mymensingh, Bangladesh

Durga Puja in Mymensingh, Bangladesh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Relief map of the Brahmaputra system

Relief map of the Brahmaputra system (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Alphie,Susan,Gepetto, today I am going to tell you about another city in Bangladesh.It will have little or no similarity with Sydney, Delhi,or Amritsar or even Agra,but it has its own attractions.This is why you will find it impressive.

The history of Mymensingh refers to the history of old greater Mymensingh district.These are kishoreganj,Netrakona,Tangail,Jamshedpur and Sherpur.These are districts in Dhaka division of Bangladesh.

In ancient times the area was mostly part of Vangha, a non Aryan territory covering the eastern part of the Gangetic delta.Some writers think it also covered territories east of the old course of BrahmaPutra.

The impact of Aryan-Brahmana culture was felt in Bengal long after it spread across Northern India./The non-Aryan people living in Bengal were very powerful,therefore the spread of Aryan-Brahman culture was strongly resisted.

In 1491 Feroze Shah  2nd ascended the throne of independent Bengal Sultanate,he sent his general Majlis Khan Humayun to attack Sherpur.He defeated the ruler there.This was the beginning of Pathan rule in the Mymensingh area.Hussein Shah the Pathan ruler extended the entire Mymensingh area in his Sultanate in 1498.It has been said,every time Hussein Shah conquered a territory,he built a mosque as a mark of his victory.Atiya Masjid was built by Hussein Shah. The present mosque at Atiya was built by Saiyyad Khan Panni on the banks of the river Louahajganj.It was constructed in 1608.

In 1550 Akbar sent Todar Mall to quell disturbances in Bihar,along with his success in Bihar,Todar Mall was successful in building a rapport for rent collection tn Bengal .He divided Bengal into 19 sirkars ,which was further sub-divided into 682 mahals.The Nasrat area was reconstituted Sirkar Bazuha.It was divided into 32 Mahals.One of them was named Momenshahi and Alapsingh joined together and was Mymensingh.

In July 1792, the postal system was established with the setting up of eight post offices between Dhaka and Mymensingh.In 1793 the use of copper coins were introduced They replaced the system of karis and dhamris.In 1800 the old coins were replaced by coins of East India Company.The Dhaka-Mymensingh telagraph line was established in 1883.The railway was opened in 1886.The district board was set up in 1887.

Beginning of Mymensingh Dhaka Road

Beginning of Mymensingh Dhaka Road (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gepetto liked what he saw,Alphie and Susan did not tell me anything.I presume they liked it.

I remember a bit about the teachers training college, my class mate and I went there,we were accepted.I did not like the appearance of the building.To me it looked like a ghost house.I  went elsewhere to get my B.Ed degree.

It is time to say,Allah Hafiz to all of you, From :Alphie,Susan,Gepetto and Ranu.

Mymensingh Rajbari

Mymensingh Rajbari (Photo credit: Wikipedia)